Top Window Treatments That Sold in 2016 (AND WHY)

Change is one of the most consistent aspects of life. Style, efficiency, and quality in the window treatment world of Snohomish County is no different. As we move through 2017, it helps to know where 2016 ended with some of the top treatments. As the nation’s #1 window coverings franchise, we are often asked what the most popular window treatments are and of course we want to answer that question to the best of our ability. 

Top Window Treatments That Sold in 2016 and WHY

One main window treatment element that stood out in 2016 was the ability to layer different types of treatments in the window. Instead of choosing only one treatment, many buyers opted to add layers to meet their visual satisfaction as well as functional goals. For example, a sheer and blackout combination. Sheers allow sunlight while protecting against harmful UV rays during the day, the blackout element promotes complete privacy whether or not the sun is out.

The top selling window treatment in Everett, Washington was the dual honeycomb shade fromEnlightened Style called the Trilight. This particular treatment combines Cellular and Pleated Shades. 

Here’s why they sold:  

Cellular Shades are one of the most versatile window coverings on the market. They are designed with pockets, or “cells” to keep air from escaping or entering your home, providing a high level of insulation, keeping your energy bill in check. With four light control options -- sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabrics, you have full control over your level of privacy. Cellular Shades are easy to customize to any space or odd window shape, and can move from top to bottom or bottom to top while still versatile enough to be paired with many different vertical window coverings. 

Pleated Shades also have the light control options, while adding dimension to the space. One of the biggest advantages is how this treatment stacks completely flat when raised allowing a full window view. Pleated Shades also have the ability to function from top to bottom or bottom to top, making them a great pairing with cellular shades.    

When together, these window treatments bring a versatile look and function - adding dimension and functionality to the entire window or door. By using a Sheer Cellular Shade on the top, with a thicker pleated shade on the bottom, you can control privacy while still letting in light without UV rays for ultimate light control and insulation.

The exciting aspect about putting these two window treatments together is that can you can create your own look, personalized, with different colors and textures. You can design it to fit your space and your Washington home.

If this Budget Blinds of Snohomish County article has you wondering how you can upgrade your space by changing your window treatments, we would love to help! Sign up for a Free Consultation, where you will have one on one attention to bring your goals to reality. 

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