The Home Maintenance Checklist Everyone Needs This Summer


Pool days, beach weekends, and backyard barbeques are what summer is all about..right? Kind of. While you might be a busy bee this summer here in Snohomish County, you can’t forget about your home while you’re soaking up the sunshine. Home maintenance is something you absolutely can’t neglect no matter the season—but especially during the warmer months of the year.

To make summer maintenance easy on you, we’ve created a quick and easy home maintenance checklist to keep your Mill Creek, Woodinville, or Mukilteo in top shape. Now’s the time to tackle those pesky home improvement projects you’ve been putting on the back burner...before the fall (and cold weather!) comes back around.

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist For Your Snohomish County House

Maintaining a beautiful, clean, and livable home is ideal for you and your family. To make it easy, we’ve created an easy home maintenance checklist so you don’t forget any important home improvement projects this season.

Check your safety devices. First thing’s first, check your in-home smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Then, make sure to test your home’s security system (if you have one!). Batteries can die and systems can malfunction. If they are rarely needed, you may forget about them. Add these to your summer home maintenance checklist to ensure your family’s safety this season and next.

Clean windows inside and out. Cleaning your windows inside and out can seem like a major task on your home maintenance checklist, especially if you have a multi-story house. To make this easy, split up the chore—let the kids wash the inside windows with glass cleaner, while you and your spouse (or friend or family member) tackle the outdoor windows. If you are unable to reach the outdoor windows, hiring a window-washing service might be an option!

Clean and replace outdoor bulbs. You probably use your outdoor lights more often in the summer. As the season winds down, make sure to clean your outdoor light fixtures and replace any bulbs to prepare them for the next season (and to keep your home’s exterior looking good!).

Check your window screens for damage. This is a task that should be at the top of your home maintenance checklist—especially if your yard in Mill Creek, Woodinville, or Mukilteo is prone to mosquitos. Small tears and holes can serve as the perfect entry point for creepy critters. Check your window screens and screen doors for small holes and tears, then patch as necessary to repair.


Add heat-blocking window treatments. Window treatments are decorative additions to any home—but did you know they also help to block the heat and keep your home more energy efficient? It’s true. Add ‘pick out heat-blocking window treatments’ to your summer home maintenance checklist and we guarantee you’ll see a difference in your electric bill.

Schedule a fall HVAC inspection. As summer winds down, the chilly air will be here before you know it...and so will be the time to turn on the heat. Make sure your HVAC unit is in tip-top shape before cooler weather hits by pre-scheduling an HVAC inspection. This inspection will ensure your furnace or HVAC system is operating safely and efficiently as you switch from air to heat.

Prep your plants. The July heat can be a brutal on your plants, even here in Mill Creek, Woodinville, or Mukilteo, Washington. To alleviate their pain, make sure to add mulch to the base of your more heat-sensitive blooms. Late summer is also the perfect time to plant perennials in your garden in preparation for the fall. Around August, make plans to prep your garden for the upcoming season and begin planting seeds for fall vegetables,

Why Adding New Window Treatments Should Be At The Top Of Your Home Maintenance Checklist

Did you know that 30%—and for some, as much as 50%—of a home's heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows? It’s true...but with the right window treatments, you can save energy. The right window treatment can minimize heat gain in the summer, which can significantly lower your cooling costs.

Window treatments can also update the style of your home and protect your belongings from harmful sun rays. Should you decide to include this task on your home maintenance checklist, you can consult our window treatment experts. See our gallery here to take a peek at what our window treatments look like after installation. Not sure what would look best in your home? Order a set of swatches today and compare them to your furniture and home decor—your first ten swatches are absolutely free!

#1 On Your Home Maintenance Checklist: Call Budget Blinds Today

When it comes to maintaining a beautiful home in Snohomish County, you’ve got to keep your home maintenance checklist in mind...even during the summer. The number one item on your checklist should be replacing or adding heat-blocking window treatments. With endless options for your windows, you won’t lack style or comfort here.

Take control of your home’s energy efficiency today by contacting Budget Blinds of Snohomish County. Our team of window treatment professionals can help you upgrade your space in Mill Creek, Woodinville, Mukilteo, and the surrounding areas in Snohomish County. After adding our window treatments to your home, you’ll be sure to save money on your future heating and cooling bills!

Contact Budget Blinds of Snohomish County today and make adding window treatments a top priority on your home maintenance checklist. Sign up today and receive a Free Consultation—simply give us a call at 425-263-9138.

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