Spring Cleaning: Forgotten Places

Hooray! It’s that time of year in Snohomish County! The birds are chirping, the grass is green, the sun is shining...and even the Washington rain comes with a sense of freshness. We tend to have this innate desire to create space for new life by washing away the clutter and winter, giving fresh air to our surroundings. But while you are launching into full Spring cleaning mode, don’t forget these places which are most likely overlooked the rest of the year. 

Shades and Drapes

If you’re like most of us, you clean the windows and the surrounding areas, but ignore the shades and drapes -- after all they are hanging freely and don’t hold on to any dust, right? Wrong. But cleaning them isn’t as hard as you may think. Simply dust or vacuum each side, paying extra attention towards the top where there may be extra creases or pleats that will collect more dust than the rest of the fabric. Then, scan the fabric for any broken or loose strings that will require either a small stitch job or even just trimming away with a scissor. Do not use strong detergents or spot removers, as they could cause the color to fade and weaken the fibers.

Blinds and Shutters

Since most blinds and shutters are either a wood or other type of of non-fabric item, they are super simple to clean. You can use a feather or microfiber duster, or make your own with a ruler and a sock! After dusting, use a fabric dryer sheet along all parts as a hack to avoid dust collecting.

Knobs, Pulls, Switches

Make sure not to ignore the little parts on all the drapes, shutters, and motorized shades (switches!). Easy to clean, but also easy to overlook. Take a cloth and wipe them down, making them smooth and shining for the next time you need to put your hands on them.

Top Of Window Treatments

Every type of window treatment has a top! The top will always collect the most dust and is usually unseen unless you are either super tall or intentionally take a peek. But the more dust the collects, the more dust balls will drift down onto the rest of the fabric or the floor. Make sure you take a few quick moments to use any type of duster preferable to wipe those edges clean, having a domino effect on the rest of the window treatment.


Area rugs are popular and a beautiful addition to a room, especially complementing window treatments. However, they are dust and dirt collectors that absolutely need cleaned on a regular basis - and definitely deep cleaned during spring cleaning. First you want to make sure you vacuum the rug, and comb out any pet hair. You can purchase a cleaner to wash and dry your rug, depending on the size. A good tip for the rest of the year is to keep the rug vacuumed, as well as rotating the rug quarterly to make sure it wears evenly from foot traffic and sunlight.

Pillows and Bedding

You can’t forget where you sleep! Pillows and bedding need washed periodically, even if they are removed from the bed every night. Your skin oils and surrounding dust wear on them constantly. Typically, pillow covers and bedding are easily washed in the washing machine - just pay attention to the tags. Once you put on those clean babies, you’ll feel so good when walking into the room! Open a window and breath in the fresh air.

Washing Machine

Since you’ll be using your washing machine extra during spring cleaning - better spring clean the machine too! You can fill your washer up on the highest load and settings, while adding white vinegar and baking soda and letting it run a full cycle. In the meantime, take a cloth and wipe around all the nooks and crannies - ensuring your clothes and sheets come out as fresh as can be.

Now, we know cleaning may not be everyone’s favorite thing to do -- but when it comes to spring in Everett Washington, there’s just something about it that causes a little more motivation. Enjoy yourself, turn on some music, and get down to business now that you know a little more of what you can do. 

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