Sheer Brilliance: 5 Unique Ways To Use Window Sheers

You can’t go wrong with Sheers. There’s something about the flowy, slightly see through material in front of a bright window that just brings peace and calm into a room. Because they are such a pleasant window treatment, the options are endless of how many, what kind, and where they can be used. Of course, the common place is unsurprisingly dangling in front of a window. However, consider these next five creative options when sprucing up your home, bringing a whole new feel to the room. 

1. Extended Sheers

Picture a double set of glass doors, each with a typical rod across the top and sheers hanging down in front. Now, wipe that picture away and instead, picture sheers cascading from the top of wall where the ceiling is met, not only covering the doors, but covering the entire wall. These extra long sheers create a whole new ambiance as light peeks through the fabric. They can also be bunched to the side, creating a beautiful tapestry effect on that entire side of the room.

2. Divide A Room

Keep those extra long sheers in mind, but picture a large room full of windows. Instead of using the sheers to cover the windows, you can create separation in the room by hanging them from the ceiling to divide the room into smaller portions while still keeping the spacious, airy feel from the light fabric. Light is uninhibited, while allowing a sense of separation and focus change for each “room”.

3. Surround The Bed or Bath

We’ve all seen the beds with the thick fabric falling down from the top of the frame -- in fact, when you were a kid you probably day dreamed about these beds, wishing you could have this easy fort! But consider instead of using the “bed curtains”, use sheers! This brings a romantic, sensual and soft feel to the bedroom without burying yourself in darkness and separation. Maybe you match the bed sheers with the window sheers in the room - a light uniform look that again, seems to create the feel of space instead of diminish space. In the same way, if you’re someone who loves those stand alone tubs, use a long window sheer to surround the tub creating faux privacy, yet a cozy feel whether night or day.

4. Create a Headboard

Maybe you don’t want the bed surrounded by fabric of any kind, but like the idea of incorporating the feel and ambiance of a sheer to the bedroom. You can replace your headboard with sheers! This is a fun, creative option where you can easily change the look of your headboard at any time. You could let a light colored or patterned sheer simply hang from the ceiling. You could tie ribbons around multiple sheers creating a wall of bunched sheer fabric from top to bottom. You could even use two sheers and bunch them off to the side, a window effect, creating a beautiful drapery over your bed. Perhaps you even want to create a canopy above the bed, which attaches to the headboard. There are so many simple, beautiful options.

5. Block From UV Rays

Did you know there are Sheer Solar Shades? Moving from the flowy material to a Solar Shade, you can choose a sheer like fabric that allows light and breeze, while protecting you and your furniture from the sun. This is great in a patio, a window covered office, or even a kitchen. Just because the room is a prime place for the sun to pelt down into, doesn’t mean you have to compromise the condition of your home and miss out on that beautiful light!

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