Romantic Decorating Ideas For Every Room

Let's face it, we spend countless hours every day bouncing from here to there, one activity to another, rarely taking time for a decent meal much less to rest. Whether it's chasing kids to and from their activities or making sure your last meeting at work wraps up promptly at 5:00, life can be challenging. What can be even more challenging is finding time to keep your romance alive.

Sometimes just having a special place you can go to relax and unwind can help renew the romance in your life. With a few simple decorating changes, you can turn dinner and a movie into a night to remember. We have gathered a few romantic decorating ideas to help you amp up the vibe in your home. Regardless of how you celebrate the passionate moments in life, these incredible decorating ideas that are sure to bring the romance back into your home.

Floral Impression

Traditionally speaking, roses are a girl's best friend, right? I mean every single romantic movie has that scene where the guy brings the girl a fabulous bouquet of roses and then goes in for the kiss. Why not change things up a bit? Rather than filling your house with dozens of expensive roses, try using a smaller number of a larger flower such as hydrangeas, peonies, or magnolias. Cut the stems short and place the flower in a fancy bowl of water for an interesting take on the traditional vase.

A Touch of Pink

What says "romance" better than a little hint of pink? Consider placing pale pink chairs in the living area to incorporate the romantic theme into the room. If you're feeling adventurous, paint the main wall in the room a light shade of pink to help tie the room together and accentuate the chairs. Don't have time to paint? Simply choose a throw blanket or accent pillows in colors that compliment the shade of pink you have chosen and place them strategically on a couch or loveseat. Just these few simple splashes of color can make all the difference in a room.

Go Old and Bold

When choosing furniture to go with your romantic theme, think the older the better. Antique pieces can easily be redone in colors that compliment your space and add an incredible air of decadence and extravagance. Larger pieces can be accompanied by custom lamps or even a fabulous hanging mirror while smaller pieces could focus more on rich color and exquisite hardware.

Fine Dining

One of the most romantic things two people can share is a meal. You spend all day slaving in the kitchen to prepare just the right courses, why serve them in a less than fabulous room? High-back chairs offer a regal look that other chairs simply do not. Choose a rich oak or maple dining set and pair it with a stunning chandelier to add the perfect lighting to the space. Don't forget to keep the tablescape simple and elegant; white fine china with a hint of gold trim is always a lovely look.

Setting the stage for a romantic evening is not only fun but it is so worth the work in the end. Using these simple ideas can make your space "romance ready" in no time. Be sure to let us know in the comments below which idea you liked best.

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