Put Down the Paintbrush: 10 Ways to Add Color Without Painting

There’s no denying that a fresh coat of paint can transform a dull room—but did you know that there are other ways to add color without painting? Whether you don’t have the time, don’t want to commit, or you rent and can’t paint the walls, here’s some inspiration. 

10 Ways to Add Color to Your Living Areas Without Painting

1. Choose art that makes a statement. 

Don’t you want to paint the walls? Paint a canvas instead or commission some artwork on Etsy! All you'll have to do is hang and enjoy. 

2.  Hang a tapestry. 

Looking to get trendy? Hang a tapestry. As they are large in size and easy to hang, you’re sure to make a statement.  

3. Invest in textiles. 

Looking for a pop of color in your living room or bedroom? How about shopping for a new throw pillow or blankets? With the right choice of textiles, you can easily transform a room. 

4. Purchase a colorful chair.

Accent furniture is another trend to hop on in 2019 and beyond. Purchase a colorful accent chair, bench, or ottoman to brighten any space. 

5. Add plants. 

Want to go for an earthy feel? Plants can breathe new life into the space. Not to mention, they provide a pop of green that can help associate feelings of calm and serenity. 

6. Reorganize your bookshelf. 

Haven’t touched your bookshelf in quite a while? Color coordinating your bookshelves can be a fun and surprising task. You’ll immediately bring some color into the room and you might just find your next book club read. 

7. Throw down a rug.

Rugs are another way to add color, style, and personality. Choose a bold solid or a fun, funky pattern to set the mood in the space of your choice. 

8. Invest in new drapes. 

Add colorful drapes or curtains to brighten or darken a room to your liking! Go crazy with patterned window treatments or decorative grilles to show off your style. Want to add color while remaining tame? Stick to a more traditional set of window treatments like plantation shutters or wood blinds

9. Add a lamp.

Make your room glow with new light fixtures, table lamps, or floor designs. A unique piece of lighting can totally set off a room.

10. Combine any of the above to maximize color.

Want to go bold all around? Combine any of the above ideas to create the bright, colorful, and cheery space you deserve. 

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