Our Favorite 2018 Summer Window Treatment Ideas!

Summer gets a little warm in Snohomish County, Washington - but we’re not complaining! With every season change, is a beautiful experience to enjoy in the Pacific Northwest. While the outdoors are vibrant and bright, the indoors alter with the new temperatures as well. But just like the change in the seasons, you can change your window treatments to not only match the airy feel of summer but also up your energy efficiency by staying cool, easier. Snohomish Budget Blinds put together some of our favorite Summer Window Treatment Ideas for this very reason!

Sheer Pleated Shades

Not only sheer shades, and not only pleated shades - this hybrid is the best of both worlds. Finding pleated shades in sheer fabric offer several huge temperature and light benefits. Perfect for glare reduction, UV protection, and energy efficiency while still allowing plenty of natural light into the room, these shades are light in color and brighten your area effortlessly. An attractive solution for all types of window shapes, tyle options include top down bottom up, which allow you to lower your shades from the top or raise them from the bottom to maintain privacy or block unwanted views while reading a book or getting a little summer work done on your laptop.

Skylight Shades and Blinds

Skylights are standout features within any home: they flood rooms with natural light, expand their spaciousness and usability, and offer a stunning view of the sky. They provide is like bringing the outdoors inside. But the occasional sun glare or excess of heat can be enough to reverse its appeal. While dusk and dawn provide comfortable warm hues, midday overheats, and sunsets strain the eyes. Consider installing blinds or roller shades for your skylight to minimize these effects. Simple to operate, skylight blinds and shades allow skylit rooms to be usable at any point in the day. While some rooms call for mere glare protection, others require full or partial sun blocking. It’s never too sunny or dark to use a room with properly harnessed natural light.

Window Film

Some Everett and Mill Creek, Washington homeowners prefer the wide open view of an unfurnished window, especially if it’s one of ample size. If you fall into this category, we can help! Window Film is the perfect option to be wide open and still have protection. Don’t let the sun depreciate your interiors. Over time, harsh UV rays can potentially fade and damage your furniture, carpet or artwork. Available in commercial, residential and security grade, window film is installed directly onto your windows surface, eliminating hot spots and reducing glare. Window film can also save you money on energy costs by absorbing solar heat in the summer months.

Wood Blinds

Forever a fantastic option, Wood Blinds come in a variety of colors and stained finishes to match your existing trim and furnishings. When closed, they are very energy saving window treatments that block out UV rays while reducing solar heat. Classy in style, fit for every season, they also let in quite a bit of light when opened, while still providing privacy due to the slats (depending on their width).

There are endless options for your summer windows. The main thing to remember is that it is possible to have the style, the lighting, and the light and temperature control. You don’t have to stay in the dark or be pumping your AC nonstop. All it takes is a conversation with us, and we’ll lead you to the best option for you!

If this Budget Blinds of Snohomish County article has you wondering how you can upgrade your space by changing your window treatments, we would love to help! Sign up for a Free Consultation, where you will have one on one attention to bring your goals to reality.

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