Laundry Room Curtains

We’ve talked about curtains for just about every room in your home except for one; your laundry room. Poor laundry rooms. Most of the time they are left neglected when it comes to considering home decor, but not this time. We are going to give you some tips to make your laundry room the best on your block. No one puts your laundry room in a corner. It’s time for it to become the star of the show.

It may be difficult to choose a feel or style that you want your laundry room to represent, so it’s best to keep your laundry room decor similar to that of the rest of your home. If your general decorating style is contemporary, stick to contemporary curtains for your laundry room. One thing you don’t want to do is neglect your laundry room windows simply because they are rarely seen. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have windows in your laundry room, you can still use curtains to add a pop of texture and color. Simply replace cabinet doors with curtains to cover up cleaning supplies and detergents. You can even switch out your curtains according to different holidays or seasons. If you only have shelving, attach your curtains to the top shelf for a cabinet feel at a fraction of the cost.

So which curtains should you choose? This depends on your wants and needs for the room. If your laundry room window faces a neighbor's house or public area and you are needing some privacy, cafe style curtains would suit your needs. They provide privacy but also allow just a bit of sunlight in to enhance the natural light in the room. If your laundry room window is south-facing, you may actually want to consider a Roman shade with a decorative valance. Roman shades will allow you to make adjustments as the Camano Island sunlight shifts, making them a perfect choice.

Curtains can be used for more than just window coverings. If your laundry room opens up to another room of your home and you'd rather keep your dirty laundry in seclusion, consider hanging a set of curtains across the hallway or in a door frame. You can easily install a tension rod to hang your curtains from or go all out and hang actual curtain rods with holders. You can choose regular window curtains in an appropriate length to hang in your newly created doorway and add privacy and style all at once!

Our last unique use of curtains in your laundry room is inspired by none other than...your utility sink. Yeah, that thing. We all love having it when we need it but hate the clutter that collects below. This is another great opportunity to use curtains to hide this space so you can use it for storage. Hang curtains around the sides of the bottom of your utility sink creating a space to place extra baskets or oversized bottles of cleaner.

We all know that the perfect custom window treatments can add pizzazz and sophistication to any room. We also know that Budget Blinds of Snohomish County has every stylish window treatment you could possibly imagine. So when it comes to choosing the right curtains for your laundry room, why go anywhere else? Curtains, they're not just for windows anymore!