Incredible Tiny Houses You’ll Hardly Believe Are Real!

When it comes to choosing the perfect home, bigger isn't always better. Case in point; there is a widely popular tiny home trend that is sweeping the globe. More and more people are choosing to spend their hard-earned money on travel and life experiences rather than purchasing a large home. They feel that the simplicity of these tiny homes puts more emphasis on only what is necessary in a home rather than spending money on fancy amenities that require constant upkeep and maintenance. Tiny homes are giving their owners not only financial freedom but time freedom as well.

Snohomish County residents would love this first tiny home. Nicknamed the Floatwing by Friday, a Portuguese company specializing in water vehicles and homes, this spectacular space is a water lover's paradise. Imagine placing an apartment on a floating dock with complete 360 degree access to the waters of the Pacific. This home is a must for those who love fishing, swimming, boating, or just kicking back and relaxing to the sound of the waves and gentle rocking of the dock. And the best part is you never have to mow your lawn!

Moving on to something on solid ground, we found a unique tiny home that would look perfect nestled in the beautiful wooded areas found in Washington state. This home is commonly referred to as "the birdhouse" due to its tall, narrow shape. Incredibly, this tiny home boasts three full stories. Imagine the breathtaking window treatments you could choose for these windows. Long, narrow windows would look fabulous with custom fit, natural wood blinds.

What would you say if we told you that there are actually tiny house communities popping up all over the country? The tiny house movement is really picking up steam with many tiny home owners loving the fact that their homes are much more environmentally friendly than larger, more traditional homes. Naturally, tiny homes take up much less space than traditional homes and many can be made from recycled or environmentally friendly materials. These Matchbox homes were so named due to their uncanny resemblance to old-time matchboxes. Measuring only 140 square feet, this tiny home brings new meaning to the phrase "living in tight quarters."

Snohomish County, Washington is famous for their redwood, fir, and cedar trees, making this next tiny home simply perfect. This incredible treehouse-style tiny home is every kid's dream come true. We all wanted a treehouse that we could live in when we were kids. Now you can make that dream a reality. This tiny home has three stories and includes a tree swing, library, deck and much more. Large windows grace the sides of this home and would look lovely with brightly colored custom drapes to dress the window but allow the natural light to flow through the home.

Our last tiny home treasure is 204 square feet of country living bliss. Known as the Wooden Bungalow, this home resembles a quaint little country cottage. This home would be perfect nestled on a small plot of land on a quiet back road or even on a beautiful lake. The deck provides a perfect place to relax with a glass of lemonade or tea and take in the sights and sounds of nature.

So what do you think? Are you ready to give up big house living and invest in a tiny home? The possibilities are endless. Whether you enjoy city life or a quiet place in the country, there is definitely a tiny home that will suit your needs.

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