How to Create the Perfect Work from Home Environment

Adjusting to a work-from-home situation can be a challenge, especially if you were fond of commuting into an office each morning. Others, however, might find this new normal to be quite a refreshing change of pace. Wherever your opinions may lie, one thing’s for certain: you’ve got to find balance and do what you can to create a productive work from home space. Here, we’ll discuss exactly how you can create the perfect work from home environment with your budget and sense of style in mind. 

7 Easy Ways to Create the Perfect Work From Home Space

1. Dedicate a space as your “office”.

For some, peace and quiet can go a long way while you work from home; others prefer the chitter-chatter of an office environment. If you find background noise—like the dog barking, children screaming, and cars whirling by—disturbing, dedicate a quiet corner of your home as your “office”. For those that miss the office noise, consider working on the back patio and listening to the birds or investing in a sound machine to put by the kitchen table. Create whatever space makes you feel most comfortable.

2. Declutter your workspace.

Have you ever heard the phrase “a cluttered space is a cluttered mind”? It’s true—when your workspace is full of extra books, piles of paper, and cups of half-empty lukewarm coffee, your productivity can suffer. Start each week with a desk free of papers, sticky notes, and to-do lists. If you need to write down tasks, get yourself a dry-erase board to keep track of projects, or use a “Sticky Notes” app on your desktop computer. Your brain will thank you!

3. Achieve optimal lighting. 

Spending more time than usual on Zoom calls and Facetime chats? Us too—and one thing we’ve realized is absolutely necessary is great lighting. Ideally, you’ll want to set up your work from home space near a big window or in a room that receives a lot of natural light. (If you’re looking to update your space to achieve more natural light, let us know. Our team at Budget Blinds can help recommend the perfect shutters, shades, and window treatments to brighten your space while still giving you privacy in your home office!). 

4. Freshen your desk with greenery.

These days, you’re likely spending more time indoors. Why not add a breath of fresh air to your workspace with a new houseplant? Greenery can brighten your desk, give your eyes something to look at when you’ve hit maximum screen time, and give your home a little more fresh oxygen. If you’re worried about keeping a houseplant alive, consider a succulent or small cactus instead.

5. Take meaningful breaks. 

Mental health is so important during this time of isolation and social distancing. Do yourself a favor and take a break. Go for a walk on a sunny afternoon. Get some fresh air. Take a 15-minute yoga class at lunch. Do whatever keeps you moving and keeps you positive. 

6. Give yourself time to adjust.

Changing a daily routine takes time. If you’re not used to remoting into work, give yourself time to adjust. Forgive yourself for any mistakes made—it’s bound to happen as you change everything about how your workday operates. Eventually, you’ll get into a groove and be at your most productive—just don’t beat yourself up about it now!

7. Set work-life boundaries. 

Just because you’re at home 24/7 does not mean you’re always available to take calls from your coworkers or answer emails. Set your normal work hours and stick to them. Save your after-hours time for your family or yourself. When it’s time to log off for the day, silence your work cell phone or mute your notifications. Those emails can wait for tomorrow. On the flip side, do your best to achieve the same level of productivity as you would in the office during your “workday”. Setting boundaries with your family or roommates can help you make the most of your workday, too.

How Budget Blinds Mill Creek Can Help During COVID-19

At Budget Blinds, we’re always taking steps to make the customer experience seamless. Our team is staying safe and staying at home, as requested by Governor Inslee—and we hope you are too. But, even during this challenging time, our team can help you select and style the perfect window treatments for your space...virtually! 

Virtual consultations are available to take the stress off yourself and ensure your window treatment project is done right the first time. Simply call us at 425-263-9138 to set up a virtual consultation with one of our designers. To learn more about Budget Blinds of Snohomish County’s updated policies surrounding coronavirus, follow us on Facebook.

Ready to talk to a representative at Budget Blinds of Snohomish County about the best window treatments for 2020? Contact us today!

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