How to Create a Warm and Cozy Home on a Budget

Not looking to turn up the heat? Thankfully, there are creative ways to make your space feel inviting without going overboard on your electric bill. Instead of cranking up the thermostat a few degrees, here are 6 tips for how to create a warm and cozy home on a budget. 

Tip 1: Hang heavier window drapes. 

Did your grandmother ever switch out her drapery and curtains in the winter? It’s a household rule that should still reign true today. Hanging heavy-duty drapes in the winter can help keep out drafts, reduce energy loss, and maybe even cut your electric bill in half. 

Tip 2: Block drafts from your fireplace.

Nothing says cozy quite like a crackling fireplace, but if you’re not covering your fireplace correctly when it’s off you can experience unwanted drafts. Installing a properly sized draft guard can be the easiest and most cost-effective way to prevent the loss of warm air. You can purchase a draft guard in hardware stores or online.

Tip 3: Reverse your ceiling fans. 

Reversing your ceiling fan blades can help you control airflow in your bedrooms. Turning the fan blade to spin clockwise will help to push hot air downwards and keep the heat lower in the room. Definitely use this tip if you have high ceilings in your home.

Tip 4: Seal all windows and doors.

Did you know leaky doors and windows allow harsh winter air to rush in and quickly cool off your home? For a simple and relatively cheap fix, you can place a heavy towel underneath your doors or purchase a moveable draft stopper. For a slightly more permanent solution, we recommend weatherstripping your windows and doors with foam tape or V-strip solutions available at your local home improvement retailer.  

Tip 5: Style your home with rugs.

Rugs are also a great addition to cozy up a home. Softer on your feet than hardwood or tile, a fluffy rug can make a room feel warmer. Consider adding a new rug to your bedroom, living room, or dining room. 

Tip 6: Ask about energy-efficient window treatment options.

If you’re having a professional service, like Budget Blinds, work with you to select and install the correct window treatments for your space, don’t forget to ask about energy saving options. Energy-efficient window treatments exist in a variety of forms—no matter your style or budget, you are sure to find something to match your taste. We like to recommend cellular shades, layered curtains, and motorization options to fit your space.

Energy-Saving Window Treatment Installation Near Mill Creek, Woodinville & Mukilteo

Who says you can’t look good while saving energy? At Budget Blinds, we believe style, savings, and sustainability go hand in hand. As such, we are passionate about ensuring our products promote a healthy environment. To prove it, our hardwood window coverings are produced using North American hardwoods which are harvested through sustainable-yield forest management. And, we always try to recommend eco-friendly window treatments to our customers near Mill Creek, Woodinville, and Mukilteo.

Ready to talk to a representative at Budget Blinds of Mill Creek, Woodinville & Mukilteo about the best energy-efficient window treatments for 2021? Contact us today!

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