How To Bring The 2020 Colors of The Year Into Your Home

Each year, home decor enthusiasts and interior decorators anxiously await the announcement of Pantone’s Colors of the Year. Its color experts carefully select the “it” color of the year by searching for a hue that speaks to the current travel, home, fashion, and lifestyle trends.

For 2020, that color is PANTONE 19-4052, or Classic Blue. And, in a world full of chaos, stress, and endless doing, the world needs something calming; this blue seems to fit that need.

Why Does the Color Blue Promote Calm Feelings?

Traditional Feng Shui wisdom says that shades of blue are best for promoting soothing feelings. If you’re looking for a relaxing pop of color to add to a room, blue is said to be the best choice. It’s even been shown, through a variety of studies, to slow the heart rate and reduce blood pressure—who knew color could have so much effect on your health wellness?

How to Bring Pantone’s Classic Blue Into Your Home in 2020

According to Pantone, Classic Blue (or PANTONE 19-4052) can be “easily applied across so many different materials, textures, and finishes.” This simple note explains why we’re obsessed with the color—and have found so many ways to refresh your home with it this year! 

Shop for blue accents.

Want to add classic blues to your home on a budget? Shop for simple accent pieces, like throw pillows, vases, and blankets. Want to make space? Donate your old home goods to a local charity or recycle center (always check your labels to make sure items can be recycled) to clear out space for your fresh look. 

Repurpose old decor.

Looking to make a more eco-friendly home decor choice? Don’t buy new; repurpose old decor. Consider reupholstering your living room couch with new classic blue fabric. Revive an old wooden dresser with a fresh coat of paint. As spring quickly approaches, adding these projects to your calendar can also give you a fun Saturday DIY project to tackle with family and friends.

Paint an accent wall.

Another easy—and fun!—way to bring in classic blue to your home is to paint an accent wall. Take a Saturday morning and paint one wall in your master bedroom to create a sense of calm. Best part? If you get carried away and repaint an entire room, you’re still making a great decision. Classic blue is a timeless color—you can’t go wrong!

Refresh your window treatments.

Installing new custom blinds, drapes, shades, and shutters can instantly renew and rejuvenate your space. Whether you’re looking to bring the calming blue hue into a bedroom, living area, or dining space, all you need is a little inspiration—and some help from the home decor professionals at Budget Blinds. 

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