How the Color of Your Bedroom Affects Your Life

Have you ever wondered why you love some colors and loathe others—especially when it comes to decorating your home? Color can actually have a pretty strong, yet underlying effect on our mental health. It’s why you might feel anxious in a bright red room but calm in a room with soft blues.

It’s crazy to think about, but bedroom decor (and the primary decorating color you choose!) can actually affect your life and your mood more than you’d think. Here’s how.

How the Color of Your Bedroom Affects Your Life

According to psychologists, color can influence our moods and our thoughts every single day. Certain colors trigger certain emotions, thoughts, or feelings; many colors convey universal meanings. For example, reds often convey warmth and excitement, while blues tend to be cooler and more somber.

Variations in shades or tones can make a difference, too. Darks can give off a very sad, serious, or brooding vibe, while brights can be cheery, light, and airy. Always trust your gut when decorating and work with what you love—but remember that color makes a difference in your room’s ambiance and aura. Choosing the best color in drapes, bedspreads, quilts, and furniture can make all the difference in your room’s overall vibe. 

What Color Should I Decorate My Bedroom?

With aura and mood in mind, are you wondering what color you should decorate your bedroom (and how?). Here are our top choices—to improve mood, sleep, and happiness!


It’s been said that people with blue bedrooms get more sleep than any other color. Blue is a calming color and it’s much easier for your brain to relax in a blue-clad space.


Cheery shades of yellow are also accommodating hues. Yellow decor creates a sunshine-like feeling; people with yellow rooms have been quoted as saying they wake up feeling happy.  


Green is also a calming color that’s reminiscent of nature. In psychology, green represents tranquility, good luck, and health—all of which can be calming thoughts in the bedroom.


Greys are good in moderation but it’s not an ideal primary color. Besides its dreary connotations, people with gray bedrooms often spend time online instead of catching up on sleep. It’s best to add grey accents only.


Red is a bright, warm color that evokes strong emotions. Sometimes it can be love; other times reds evoke anger. Not a great option for the bedroom overall. If you do love red, you might want to opt for a darker hue, like burgundy, which conveys more love than anger and excitement.


Purple is considered regal and sensual. If you’re hoping that your bedroom decor makes you feel like a king or queen, choose purple. 


Bright whites or creams can create a sense of space or add highlights to a bedroom. For small bedroom spaces, home decorators often use whites to make rooms seem larger and more spacious.

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