Fun DIY Things To Do With Old Window Treatments

Out with the old, in with the new. But wait, bring that "old" back...and create something new! Yes, like everything else, window treatments need replaced. But that doesn't mean you have to throw them away. Some of the coolest decorating accessories in the Pacific Northwest have come from old window panes, shutters, and blinds. Next time you go to replace your window treatment, consider some of these DIY projects to give your Snohomish, Washington home a unique, vintage flair.

From Blinds to...

Chandelier - I bet you didn't see that coming! Mini blinds with their translucent slats are perfect for lighting fixtures! Create all different shapes and sizes by cutting the slats at different lengths and angles to dangle for your own chandelier taste.

Plant Label - No need to spend money on stakes for your garden if you're getting rid of some old vinyl blinds. Cut the slats to the desired length with one pointed edge, label with a permanent marker, and add to your plants.

Weave A Basket - Get back into the old fashioned weaving by repurposing your blinds as the weaving material. Mostly for lightweight storage, we suggest you use double slats for added strength.

From Shutters to...

Plate Rack - Create your own dish rack by flipping and old shutter horizontal with the slats facing up. With the perfect sized spaced to fit your plates, you'll have the coolest dish rack around.

Organizers - Similar to the plate rack, your old shutters can be used to help organize anything from mail and bills, to cards and other documents that need to be kept separate. You can put this by the front door, on a desk, or even in the laundry room.

Planters - Make a vertical garden by hanging your potted plants onto the shutter slats. Or, place a backing on the shutter and fill each slat with soil to allow the plants to grow right around the shutters. Your little garden can be indoor or outdoor.

From Window Frames to...

Picture Frames - Probably one of the easiest DIY's since the two are so similar, window frames make elegant and unique picture frames. All you need to do is add backing and glass for your very own, one of a kind frame to hold your favorite pictures.

Mirrors - Take your favorite window frames and create decorative mirrors. This can apply to any size frame! Mirrors can be cut to fit each size. You can place them anywhere in your Everett home, from a small hallway mirror, to a big focal point in the living room.

Mantle - Decorate your mantle above your fireplace with your window frame. Avoid cliche decorations, and the hassle of finding the perfect painting, and use your favorite frame for a laid back, casual feel.

At Mill Creek Budget Blinds, we love finding new and unique things to do with our window treatments. It's amazing what a little creativity can do for an old treatment you would otherwise discard. Of course, we love the feel of the new and fresh treatments, but keeping your favorite few around add's nostalgia and character to your Mill Creek home. Maybe next time you pick your new treatments, you'll do so with their next DIY venture in mind (when they're old)!

If this Budget Blinds of Snohomish County article has you wondering how you can upgrade your space by changing your window treatments, we would love to help! Sign up for a Free Consultation, where you will have one on one attention to bring your goals to reality.

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