Embrace the Winter Months with Room Darkening Window Treatments

Just like the bears up here in the Washington forests, we tend to go into a little hibernation mode during the Winter season. We bundle up, cuddle up, choose sedentary activities, and normally feel like we need a nap more often without the vitamin D lighting up our lives as much as the summer. Instead of dreading the gloomy outdoors, why not embrace the weather for that extra bit of rest you may not get through the year?

One plus side to Winter is turning the clock back in the fall and feeling like you've received an extra hour of sleep. However, since the original purpose for the clock change was for farmers to have optimum daylight to do their work, it doesn't do much for you to sleep in if you are sensitive to the light. All the sudden at 6:00am your bedroom becomes brighter and brighter, even though you still have another hour to sleep before you put in a full day's work. So how can you still embrace the winter months in Snohomish County? Try these room darkening window treatments to truly crawl into your cave of hibernation.

Roller Shades

As one of the most popular window shades at our Everett store, these shades are extremely customizable making them perfect for bedrooms of all ages. The most important aspect, in this case, is light control. Not only are Roller Shades available is all kinds of colors and fabrics, they have a wide variety of light-filtering options, include complete blackout shades. The blackout shades are an option to add onto to your roller shades, giving you the dark room needed to keep sleeping soundly even when the sun is rising in the Pacific Northwest.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades come in three different cell sizes that each have their own varying light control options from sheer, light, filtering, and room darkening. But if that's not dark enough, these also have blackout fabrics as an option to match your style and your ZZZ's.

Woven Wooden Shades

Made from 100% organic materials, these shades are completely recyclable. But do they create a dark space? You bet. Covering a wide variety of needs, Woven Wooden Shades are normally slightly transparent to let in light with UV protection, but can offer the best light control when they are paired with a blackout liner. Placed in the bedroom, you'll be refreshed and ready for the day in Mill Creek when you wake up.

Bamboo Shades

Also 100% organic and eco friendly, Bamboo Shades can be paired with a blackout liner as well, similar to the woven wooden shades. Create that refreshing outdoor clean feel in the daytime with the bamboo ambiance, but still a jungle cave at night as you sleep away as long as you want.

Don't forget, motorization can be added to any shade to sweeten your time in bed. Whether your forgot to draw the shades at night, or wake up peacefully in the morning and want to let in some light, you can do so from the warmth of your covers without disturbing your rest.

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