Don't Let The Radiator Steal Your Style

Decorating can be so much fun, until something gets in the way of your vision. Most times the answer is simple, move said object out of the way and carry on. But what about the times when something is there to stay, like a radiator? You can't really make this disappear, and it's kind of vital to the comfort of your what do you do? Give up and let your style go down the drain? No way! We have some simple solutions that will tie your room together with the radiator and your style still in tact.

Love floor length curtains? Yes, you can still have them! Choose your favorite curtain and hang them on a stationary Panel to have the look of the curtain but not the function. The floor length curtains will flow down on either side of the window (outside each end of the radiator), with an open curtain appearance. Don't worry, you can still have privacy and shading with adding additional window treatments between the curtains. Try Wood Blinds for a contemporary clean look, allowing you to open and close the blinds at your discretion. Or you can use Roller Shades to cover the windows, giving you the flexibility to roll them up or down letting in light or keeping your privacy, while still enjoying the look of floor length curtains. If you like both ideas, have the best of both worlds with Woven Wood Shades creating it's own unique, soft look.


Shutters can look just as modern as you want! Choose a bright white for a classic look, or a dark wood for a warm look, letting them come down to the bottom of the window. You can open for light, or close for darkness -- and are best on their own holding their look strongly in the room, while keeping flesh to the edge of the wall with the radiator gracefully sitting underneath.

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades, especially those that lower from top to bottom, are a great option for adjusting light levels without sacrificing privacy. These won't interfere with the floor radiator, and you can also add side curtains for a little extra "wow" factor. Regardless, these look great on their own and add a crisp look to the room even with the occupied space below.

Short Curtains

Like the curtain look but don't necessarily want them to hit the floor? You can always use short curtains as an option, eliminating the need for a second window treatment if unwanted. Short curtains can come right above the radiator, covering the length of the window, with space to open and close as normal. The only drawback is they tend to divide the room, so as a general rule this is ideal in more casual spaces such as a child's room or a home office. Another good tip is to avoid heavy fabrics and intense colors, and go with a more casual look to blend in the room easier.

Whether you mix and match, or stick with one treatment --- there's a solution for every window. You can even change it up within the same room, as long as the colors and styles complement each other. Maybe you only have one window with a radiator underneath -- no big deal! Adding shades between that one window with curtains that match the rest of the windows, blends perfectly all around. A radiator doesn't have to be a focal point -- especially with so many options to explore.

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