Brighten Up Bathroom Windows Without Breaking The Bank

There’s something unique about the bathroom. Typically much smaller than the other rooms in the house, yet usually set with a theme or some type of extreme coordinating decorations to bring as much life into this little room as possible. You could have the whole house decorated a certain way, with the bathroom standing completely on it’s own as a separate environment.

But what about the bathroom window? Scaled down to size to fit the smaller room, sometimes smaller doesn’t equal easier. You don’t want to go with the popular long curtains or drapery as you would a living room or bedroom, due to risk of becoming wet and moldy...but you also don’t want to leave uncovered, because *ahem* you need your privacy.

We have some quick, fun, easy, and affordable ways to spruce up your bathroom windows without compromising your style or bank account.

Composite Window Blinds and Shutters

Composite Window Blinds and Composite Shutters are a great option for the bathroom because they are made to withstand moisture. They effectively resist fading and cracking from high humidity and are so low maintenance that they are easily cleaned with soap and water. They are constructed to look like real wood, but are a lightweight alternative that compliment a variety of decorating styles. There are even 80 different color choices for wood paint and stains!

Roman Shades and Roller Shades

Roman Shades are a popular solution for those who admire the elegant look of draperies, but want the modern conveniences of window shades. These shades give control to the light filtering into the room while keeping your space private and separate from the outside world. With the cordless option, maximize the space you have without adding clutter.

Roller Shades have the advantage of being highly customizable, allowing you to mix and match any way you want, while easily filtering light to brighten up the bathroom or make as dark as your prefer. With over 100 different styles and patterns - your bathroom can have spark without adding multiple window treatments. However, feel free to add a Valance to any of these options, complementing the blinds, shutters, or shades with this beautifying addition that can even make the small window appear bigger.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative Film is a fun, creative, and inexpensive option giving you an entirely different look than any type of shade or blind. This extremely simple yet beautiful option can give your bathroom window that elegant stained glass look - fully blocking out visibility from the outside for privacy, yet letting in tons of light and colors to really brighten up the room and create a calm ambiance. Ability to be cut to any shape and size, this film still protects against UV rays while the room lightens and darkens with the sun’s natural cycle. Not a fan of stained glass windows? There are also oriental themes available using decorative rice paper film!

With so many options, you can have your bathroom complete with privacy and light in no time. Not to mention keeping your wallet happy. Maybe some of the extra money you saved will allow you to check out some decorative hardware for unique rods, hooks, and tassels that come in small window packages. 

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