4 Bedroom Design Mistakes That Keep Interior Decorators Up At Night

Do you follow home decor hashtags on Instagram and think: wow, I wish my bedroom looked like that? If your bedroom is lacking the ‘put-together’ feeling, don’t fret. Here are four bedroom design mistakes you might be making that keep interior decorators up at night—and how to fix them ASAP.

4 Bedroom Design Mistakes That Keep Interior Decorators Up At Night

Some bedroom designs mistakes are nightmares for interior designers. Here are the top 4 (and how to fix them if you’re already guilty!).

No. 1: Forgetting privacy.

The bedroom should be your own personal abode. It’s an intimate space for you to sleep and relax. So, why would you forget to take measures to create a bit of privacy?

The solution:Add appropriate window treatments to fit your style, budget, and privacy standards. If your bedroom is on a first-floor level, consider remote shades you can close on command or long black-out drapes to shield you from the morning light.

No. 2: Choosing loud colors.

Bright reds, orange hues, and sunny yellows can be great for a family room or kitchen...but they don’t always work to provide a peaceful vibe for the bedroom. The goal of your bedroom should be to promote restful sleep and relaxation. It’s a place to unwind at the end of a long day—so what are you to do with a loud bedroom?

The solution: Find a new paint color. Blues and soft greys are most likely to promote relaxation and calmness, according to color psychology.

No. 3: Neglecting to add accent pieces.

Balancing the number of accent pieces in a bedroom is quite a challenge, but if you don’t have any? Yeah, that's a bedroom design mistake that’s sure to haunt an interior decorator. Accent pieces show off your personality—and what’s more personal than your bedroom?

The solution: Add some pieces that reflect who you are and make you happy. Trinkets for the bedside table, wall art, and photographs are the perfect accent pieces to make your room feel homey.

No. 4: Installing the wrong window treatments.

Installing the wrong window treatments for your space is another one of those scary mistakes that interior designers fear. With so many options, you’d be crazy to only consider curtains.


The solution: Explore your options when choosing window treatments. Ask a professional what your options are and don’t neglect trying something different—like cellular shades or remotely operated window covers.

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