6 Quick Fixes for the Most Annoying Home Problems

If you had a magic wand (or a pretty decent handyman) what home problems would you wish away? Weird smells? Pests? That leaky toilet that just can’t be saved? We’ve got your go-to answer for home hacks to spare you some time and sanity. Here are our 6 quick fixes to your most annoying home problems—including your window treatments!

1. The Running Toilet

Have a toilet that won’t stop running water? Check your flapper—it’s the part that seals out the water and it’s probably gone bad. To check, simply drop some food coloring in the tank and wait 5 minutes. If the water in the bowl changes color, it's your flapper. You can change it yourself with a simple kit from The Home Depot or a local hardware store, or you can call a plumber.

2. Rotting Window Bases

Noticing some decay at the base of your windows? Fear not—window replacement is still far in the future. More than likely, you’ll be able to patch the area with epoxy. Just be sure to remove any of the rotting wood first, as epoxy only sticks to clean, dry wood surfaces. 

3. Fingerprints on Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can be sleek in the kitchen...except when it’s not. Whether you have kids, teenagers, or just a spouse, stainless steel appliances rarely stay fingerprint-free, unless you are cleaning it non-stop. Our favorite hack to prevent fingerprints on stainless? Apply a thin layer of olive oil using a microfiber cloth and say goodbye to smudges. 

4. Window Screen Tears

Did your cat scratch a small tear in your window screen? You could fret and replace your entire screen, or you could try this hack: clear fingernail polish. For small tears in your window screens, clear nail polish can hold together the fabric and help you get by a little longer without an entire screen replacement. 

5. Streaks on the Window Pane

Streaky window panes aren’t attractive. You may even wonder why you bothered cleaning the glass in the first place, no? Our best advice is to clean your windows on a cloudy day—this way the sun can’t dry the window cleaner in an uneven pattern before you wipe it away.

6. Too Much Sunlight Coming In

Too much sunlight coming through the shades can ruin a well-deserved sleep or the perfect environment for watching a movie. Installing blackout-friendly shades and drapery panels can help you achieve the perfect ambiance and the ultimate protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

How Budget Blinds Can Help During COVID-19

At Budget Blinds, we’re always taking steps to make the customer experience seamless. Our team is staying safe and staying at home, as requested by Governor Inslee—and we hope you are too. But, even during this challenging time, our team can help you select and style the perfect window treatments for your space...virtually! 

Virtual consultations are available to take the stress off yourself and ensure your window treatment project is done right the first time. Simply call us at 425-263-9138 to set up a virtual consultation with one of our designers. To learn more about Budget Blinds of Snohomish County’s updated policies surrounding coronavirus, follow us on Facebook.

Ready to talk to a representative at Budget Blinds of Snohomish County about the best window treatments for 2020? Contact us today!

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