6 Free Ways to Decorate with What You Have

Let’s get one thing out of the way first—home decor isn’t cheap. If you’ve ever furnished and decorated a home, apartment, or condo, you know that no matter the size of the space decor will cost you. Truth is decorating your home doesn't require all new furniture and accessories. Instead, you can reduce, reuse, and recycle the items you already have around the house. Here, we’ll discuss 6 ways to decorate your space like a pro for free.

Home Decor Hacks: 6 Free Ways to Re-Do Your Space

1. Turn household objects into art.

Have any old baskets lain around? How about antique China that hasn’t been put to use? If you’re looking for unique art inspiration, think about mounting these items on a blank wall. Plate and basket walls are trending right now. It’ll be an excellent conversation piece for guest and you’ll have a place for those household items that typically take up too much room in cabinets.

2. Refinish old furniture.

Nothing says “fresh” quite like a new piece of furniture. Before you go out and spend money on a new dresser or nightstand, however, ask yourself what’s wrong with the one you have. If it’s got a few knicks and scratches, a fresh sanding and a coat of paint could transform that piece into something beautiful. Plus, refinishing your furniture is a fun weekend activity to do with your family and, aside from the paint and supplies, it’s next to free! 

3. Rearrange the furniture.

Need a new look without the new price tag or the time spent? Simply rearrange your rooms. Finding a new location for your couch can do wonders for making your home feel refreshed and energized. Similarly, you could switch out the window treatments to get a new look and feel. All you’d have to do is move the living room drapes to the bedroom and vice versa.

4. Create a gallery wall.

Like most home decor enthusiasts, you likely have a million photo frames lying around, no?. Gather them and dream up a beautiful gallery wall. If your frames are different colors, you could even spend an afternoon painting them to match the decor of your room of choice.

5. Rehang your curtains.

Hanging your curtains higher can also make you feel like your space is renewed. Moving curtains (if they’re long enough) to the ceiling can give the room a greater sense of height. Be sure to measure first–the window treatments should still graze the floor in their new position.

6. Remove cabinet doors.

Another trend that’s easy and free: open concept shelving. All you have to do is remove your kitchen cabinet doors to create a set of display shelves. It’s a perfect idea if you’re looking to show off your glassware or baking materials—just make sure to give the interior of these cabinets a fresh coat of paint and a nice cleaning before showing them off.

How Budget Blinds Can Help During COVID-19

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