5 Tips for Better Home Security and Peace of Mind

If the worst were to happen, how would you keep your family safe? While it's not the most pleasant thought, you have to think about how you'd protect your home and family against threats like burglary, intrusion, and fire if they were to occur.

Being aware of possible danger is the first step—but there are ways to create a better sense of safety and peace of mind in your home. Here, we'll discuss our 5 ways to put your mind at ease and prepare for any safety concerns before they become an issue.

5 Tips for Better Home Security and Peace of Mind

1. Make your home look lived in.

First and foremost, don't underestimate a criminal. Burglars can be pretty smart, and most don't strike in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon when they know you'll be around. Many will wait for the perfect opportunity—like when you're on vacation or out to dinner. An easy way to deter a criminal? Always make it look like you're at home—even if you are away.

Our number one tip to give your home the illusion that you're around? Invest in smart home lighting and turn your lights on and off remotely. If anyone is staking out the place, a single switch of the living room lights may scare them off to an easier target.

2. Keep your valuables out of reach.

Out of sight, out of mind isn't just an old saying. Keep your valuables locked away to prevent theft from occurring. Whether you're expecting the HVAC repairman or you have invited new neighbors an into your space, keeping jewelry, cash, and expensive trinkets out of view is ideal.

What should you keep out of reach? Most commonly, thieves will go for things they can use or pawn like liquor, cash, prescription medications, jewelry, electronics, and firearms. It's also best to lock up any personal identification—like social security cards or passports.

3. Update your window treatments.

You might suspect thieves to use binoculars or some high-tech device to peer into your home and see if what you have is worth stealing. Truth is most thieves are attracted to easy targets—aka homes with open windows.

Open windows offer a perfect opportunity for intruders to see your valuables and decide if breaking into your home is worth the risk. To protect yourself from wandering eyes, you can install window treatments—specifically drapes and blinds—to obscure a potential intruder's view. The more difficult you make it for an intruder to see which rooms hold high-value items, or even whether someone is inside the house, the less likely they will invade your space.

4. Invest in a security system.

If you really want to give yourself peace of mind, invest in a home security system. Today, some options for reliable home security can be installed and operational for as little as $15 per month. If you've moved to an area where crime is more common, consider installing indoor or outdoor security cameras, too, for added support.

5. Always lock your doors and windows.

While this should be a no brainer, we can't stress this one enough. Thieves are often opportunists—so if you leave your doors and windows unlocked, you're inviting them to steal. To give yourself extra peace of mind, consider installing a deadbolt lock on all exterior doors, too. You can also install additional smart home security equipment like smart locks allowing you to lock and unlock doors remotely.

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