5 Things Your Windows Are Trying to Tell You

Did you hear that sound? That’s the sound of your windows telling you what’s going on! That’s right—your windows talk and they try their best to clue you in on when they need to be replaced when they need to be cleaned, or when they could be causing issues! Here are five things your windows are trying to tell you if you’re a homeowner. 

Here Are 5 Things Your Windows Are Trying to Tell You

Issue 1: You feel a draft.

If you ever feel a draft when you stand close to your windows, they’re trying to say: “hey, look at me, I’m letting in outside air and I’m letting your conditioned air out”. To fix this problem, you’ll want to check your weather-stripping first. If the weather-stripping is missing or peeling off, try replacing it. If it’s perfectly intact, it could mean your window has warped over time or wasn’t installed correctly to begin. Fix any drafts as soon as possible to avoid wasting energy!

Issue 2: Condensation appears on the interior side of the window.

If you see little beads of water pooling on the interior side of your windows, your house is trying to alert you of a humidity problem. You may notice condensation on your bathroom windows after a hot shower. If you’re seeing it more often, it may be smart to test your home’s humidity levels and address the moisture problem before it leads to mold growth. Looking for a quick fix? Installing a properly functioning fan or humidifier can do the trick.

Issue 3: Condensation appears between the window panes. 

Starting to see condensation between the panes of your double pane windows? It’s likely a sign that your windows need to be replaced. You see, double pane windows are vacuum sealed, and if they begin to appear foggy, it means the seal of the window has failed. Without a proper seal, you won’t receive the maximum benefits of energy efficiency and you may be inviting in additional problems—like mold or mildew growth and higher heating and cooling costs.

Issue 4: Casement windows won’t open and close easily.

Having trouble with your casement window? Your window is trying to tell you: “I’m dirty”! Dust and debris can (and will!) build up in the tracks when you’re not paying attention making it hard to open and close. Use a damp cloth to clean them out. If needed, you can also use a lubricant on the moving parts.

Issue 5: Double-hung windows won’t open and close easily.

Double-hung windows can also become hard to open and close, but for a very different reason. If this is happening to you, your window is trying to tell you: “the wood is swelling”. The wood around your windows can swell if it’s damp or the air humidity is too high. Sometimes, all it takes is a change in temperature or weather to see them work again. If the problem persists, however, you may need to call in an expert to inspect your windows for replacement or get expert advice on what parts may need to be replaced to help them work again!

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