2020 Checklist to Get your Home Ready for Fall

As the nights begin to close up early, the temperatures get cooler, and pumpkin spice lattes return to the coffee shop menu, you might be asking yourself: am I ready for fall? Even if you aren’t personally ready for hot summer days to end, you’ll want your home ready to welcome the new season. Here’s our 2020 checklist for getting your home ready for fall.

From deep cleaning the house to insulating your windows to carving the perfect pumpkin, there are lots of little tasks to take on that will help get you into the spirit of fall. 

Deep clean your home.

Who says deep cleaning has to be reserved for spring? Before huddling up in your home during the cold months of the year, deep clean it. You’ll have plenty of guests during the holiday season, you may as well wipe down the cupboards, clean the windows, and declutter your closets on a crisp autumn afternoon. 

Cut the lawn one last time.

Don’t forget to give your front and back lawn one last mow. Just wait until the grass has grown to a sufficient length and then trim back before the first cold snap.

Insulate gaps in your windows.

Want to reduce the amount of heat that escapes your windows? As part of your fall checklist, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions and check your window insulation. How old are your windows? If they’re relatively new, you likely won’t have issues. If you have older windows you can install plastic film insulation to cover cracks or replace your windows with a more energy-efficient option. You can also follow our tips to keep the draft out.

Light a fall scented candle.

Pumpkin spice and everything nice—isn’t that what everyone is saying? Lighting a few fall-scented candles can do wonders for your mood and put you in the seasonal spirit.

Decorate for Halloween.

Once you’ve lit your favorite candles, pull out those Halloween or fall decorations. Adding a witches broom and some pumpkins to the fireplace or front porch will let your guests and neighbors know you’re ready for the season to change.

Get some new curtains.

New curtains can give your living room a new life, especially as we enter into the colder months of the year. Maybe you were a blinds only house in the summer, but want some extra window insulation this fall? A new set of high-quality curtains or drapes can do just the trick for keeping you and your family warm this winter!

Install energy-efficient window treatments.

In addition to energy-efficient windows, you can also install energy-efficient window treatments to get your home ready for fall. To keep in heat and conserve energy, you might consider cellular shades, light-blocking drapes, or hardwood shutters.  

Energy-Saving Window Treatment Installation Near Mill Creek, Woodinville & Mukilteo

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