Why Solar Shades in Marysville Are Still Good in Winter Months

It’s the time of year to start looking for window coverings that help to trap heat in the home. Solar shades in Marysville are not likely on your list. But if you already have them hanging, don’t consider removing them just yet.

Solar shades have their place in the summer months. You can always double up with another type of window covering, such as thermal drapes. Here’s why they are so good in the dreary months.

They’ll Block the Glare from the Snow

Glare is still a problem, even in the winter months. While the UV rays aren’t as strong, they can still damage your property. And you aren’t just dealing with the glare from the sun in the sky. The sun reflects on the snow, causing glare from the bottom of your window too. While your other window coverings can deal with the glare from the sky, your solar shades in Marysville will manage the glare from both sides.

You don’t need to readjust things. Just pull the shades all the way down and get rid of the uncomfortable problem.

You Still Get Natural Light in the Home

While you’re blocking out the glare, you keep the natural light. This is something that concerns many people. In the winter, you get a lot of darkness and you need to use the internal lights more. That just leads to higher electricity bills in place of comfort.

When you opt for solar shades in Marysville, you’ll keep that natural light. You’ll allow the sun to shine through without the glare, protecting the home but not needing the internal lights. That feeling of constantly being surrounded by darkness doesn’t hit as much.

Solar Shades in Marysville Add Color to the Home

There’s no doubt that color plays a part in the mood. Bright colors will help to add happiness to your life. Orange and yellow are two of the most popular colors for happy feelings.

You can get solar shades in any color you want. They’re made of fabric, which means you have more choices without spending a lot of extra money. You add the colors that you know will boost your mood in these dark months.

At the same time, the bright colors will help to reflect the natural light. They allow more natural light through without the glare. You end up feeling better even if the sun sets earlier than you’d like.

The Downsides Are Easily Managed

There are downsides to solar shades in Marysville. They don’t trap the heat in the home, and they don’t always offer a lot of privacy benefits. However, these downsides are small compared to the benefits of your window coverings.

One of the greatest things about solar shades is the downsides are manageable. You’re likely to double up with another window covering, even in the summer months for some rooms. There’s no need to worry about heat loss in the winter.

Don’t replace your solar shades in Marysville during the winter. They offer some excellent benefits throughout the day.

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