Why Get Real Wooden Blinds in Marysville

When you look at wooden blinds in Marysville, you’ll likely look at both real wood and faux wood. There are a lot of people who will tell you that faux wood is better. It’s cheaper and extremely durable. However, people overlook the beauty and benefits of real wood.

It’s time to look at getting real wood blinds the next time you replace your window treatments. Here are three reasons real wooden blinds will always surpass other types of materials.

They’re Eco-Friendly Forever

While you’ll hear that faux wood blinds are better for your heating bills, something that many people overlook is the future. What happens when you’re getting rid of your blinds and replacing them or when they’ve lived out their years? Even faux wooden blinds in Marysville need replacing over time.

Faux wood has a vinyl layer. This plastic takes a lifetime to degrade and is a nuisance to the landfill. Meanwhile, wooden blinds offer a completely natural material. They break down over a much shorter space of time and will add nutrients to the environment.

Wooden blinds will still last and they still offer a range of other benefits. They still prevent the heat escaping in the winter, so you save on your heating bills. The blinds will still stop the UV rays coming in during the day to keep the air conditioning use to a minimum. Not only are you protecting the environment while the blinds are in use but when you’ve also finished with them.

They’re Still Made to Last

While faux wooden blinds in Marysville can last longer than real wood, that doesn’t mean the real wood material is something to frown at. There are some downsides like warping in the heat, but this takes years to become an issue. Real wood blinds that are made well will last decades, just like your faux wood alternatives.

Real wood costs more and it needs to be worthwhile. You’ll find that they are more durable in certain rooms, especially those that aren’t south facing since they don’t get all the heat. You can also find they’re better for heating and cooling benefits. The wood is thicker, which means it’s better for blocking the heat moving to the wrong side of the window.

Wooden Blinds in Marysville Look Amazing

There’s no denying that the natural wood will always look amazing. It’s timeless and beautiful, working for all décor and style needs. Want something that adds brightness to the room? Look for lighter woods, such as pine. Need a rich texture to the windows? Oak or maple are perfect.

Faux wood blinds can look good, but they’re not amazing. They can look fake, which leads to the appearance of having something cheaper in your home. Sure, you can work with different colors, but you lose the natural beauty of the material.

It’s time to consider putting real wooden blinds in Marysville into your home. They are durable and beautiful, offering a range of benefits for every single room in your home.

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