Why Drapes in Mt. Vernon Are Best as a Secondary Layer

Drapes in Mt. Vernon are excellent window coverings. They are low in cost, while offering some great benefits. It’s no wonder many people are using them.

If you have the option of doubling up your window treatments, you’ll want to work with it. Drapes are excellent as a secondary layer with shades, blinds, and even shutters. Here’s why you want them as a secondary layer.

You Can Work Your Drapes in with the Season

Your primary window covering can remain neutral. It works with whatever décor youhave going, while offering all the benefits you need. It doesn’t matter if you have cellular shades, shutters, or venetian blinds.

Your drapes in Mr. Vernon add an extra layer of style. While your primary layer offers the physical benefits, your drapes offer the decorative benefits. You can easily change them to work with the season without worrying about any benefits that you may lose. Your drapes are purely decorative.

They Offer Extra Insulation During the Colder Months

When it does come to the colder months, having drapes in Mt. Vernon as a secondary layer is highly beneficial. They become an extra layer over your windows. They’re extra insulation when the heat is trying to escape through your windows.

You have two layers for the heat to get through. There’s a slimmer chance of that happening, helping to regulate the temperatures better overnight.

Even just open, the drapes offer some sinulation. They usually cover the sides of the windows, covering any gaps that your primary window treatment has left. You still have the primary covering for all the heating benefits during the day.

Other Window Coverings Offer Benefits Drapes in Mr. Vernon Don’t

Drapes aren’t great for everything. You can’t use them as much during the day for privacy and light control without plunging your home into darkness. They may not be thick enough to offer full heating benefits. You need to use the drapes as a secondary layer, getting the benefits from another layer.

A set of blinds can help block the glare without losing the light. Solar shades will offer privacy without preventing any light from shining through the window. You get the best of everything when the drapes are used as a secondary layer.

Drapes Are Easy and Cheap to Change When There’s a Décor Change

What if you change your décor after a few years? What if your children want something different because they have a new favorite color? Drapes in Mt. Vernon are great for this.

Your primary window treatment is likely to be neutral. This works with whatever décor you have. Your drapes then become the decorative option, and they’re cheap to replace and update. You don’t have to feel guilty for taking them down and adding something new after just a couple of years.

Drapes in Mt. Vernon do look good, and they do offer some great benefits. However, consider them as a secondary layer instead of using them as the primary window covering for all rooms in the home.

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