Why Add Curtains in Stanwood as a Secondary Layer in the Winter

The winter months are almost upon us. At times, you’ll feel like it’s winter already. You need to start getting your home ready for the colder months, and part of that involves looking at your window treatments. Add some curtains in Stanwood as a secondary layer to your windows.

 You may think that a set of curtains won’t help that much, but you’ll be surprised. They don’t just offer physical benefits but also mental benefits. Here’s how you’ll gain from a set of curtains in your home as a secondary layer.

 You Gain an Extra Physical Barrier

 The secondary layer is a physical barrier against your windows. When the curtains in Stanwood are used as a secondary layer, you get that extra barrier on top of the current barrier you already have. Whether you have cellular shades, roller shades, or even shutters, the secondary barrier helps to block even more heat from escaping your home.

 One of the biggest reasons for homes losing heat in the winter is due to the windows. Whether there are cracks or it’s just the heat escaping through the glass, you will need to use the heating more often if you don’t do something about this part of the home. 

Curtains don’t do too much alone. They can be too thin. But when they work with a secondary layer, you add that extra layer, an extra benefit to keep your home warmer.

 Curtains in Stanwood Make You Feel Mentally Warmer Through Color

 The color of the curtains can certainly help to keep you feeling warmer. If you have white shades or blinds, you’ll want to consider adding a darker colored layer over your windows. Curtains are the quickest and easiest way to do this.

 When you get a darker layer, you help to get that sense of a smaller room. You feel like it’s not going to take as much to heat the space, and you don’t feel like you’ve lost the heat as quickly.

 Some colors can add an automatic sense of warmth. Deep reds or oranges will remind you of fire, which makes you feel mentally warmer immediately. Consider this secondary layer to work to your benefit in this way.

 They Make Your Room Feel Smaller

 The color can help make the room feel smaller, but that’s not the only way you benefit. The curtains in Stanwood help to make the room look physically smaller through texture. You add that extra layer to your windows to make the space feel more closed in.


Coupled with all the other benefits above, you will immediately feel warmer mentally. After all, a smaller room takes less heat to warm it up. You’ll feel more comfortable with blankets than having the heating turned on.

 It’s time to think about the mental benefits to window treatments as well as the physical ones. There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of a placebo effect to save money. Use your curtains in Stanwood as a secondary layer to offer those placebo benefits.

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