What Are the Best Window Treatments in Oak Harbor to Gain Privacy?

You’ll hear all about the pros and cons of various window treatments in Oak Harbor. People focus on the lighting benefits, the heating benefits, or even how safe you’ll feel. Safety is important, so you need to look at the window coverings that offer as much privacy as possible.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the bathroom, the bedroom, or even the living room. You don’t necessarily want people outside seeing into your home. Here are the top window treatments for privacy to get right away.

Solar Shades When You Also Want Light

If you also want to let the light into the home, you’ll want to consider solar shades for privacy. These window treatments in Oak Harbor filter the light, blocking the UV rays from getting in without blocking all the natural light. They work a little like a one-way mirror, so the view is blocked from whichever way the light shines from.

During the day, you block the view from the outside but still get to see out. On a night, the shades work the opposite way. You’ll need to double up with other window coverings, such as blackout shades or drapes.

Blackout Shades When You Don’t Mind Total Darkness

Blackout shades offer privacy day and night. You just pull the window treatments in Oak Harbor down and you block the view from getting into the home. At the same time, you’re blocking the view out of the home. These shades don’t offer a one-way mirror system.

Blackout shades offer the benefit of total darkness, even in the middle of the day. If you don’t mind total darkness or you need it because you work nights, you’ll find these shades are perfect. Those who want some light will need to look at other options.

Venetian Blinds for More Privacy Control

Venetian blinds are excellent for full control. You can also get vertical blinds and get many of the same benefits—the type you get will depend on your windows.

You gain privacy with these window treatments in Oak Harbor by twisting the slats. You can control just how many views you let into the home, without necessarily sacrificing the light or the view out. If you do want to block all the light, you can definitely gain that benefit, especially with faux wood or real wood.

Permanent Window Treatments in Oak Harbor for Full Benefits

You want venetian blinds, but you have the money for something permanent. In this case, you want to look at shutters, preferably either plantation or colonial shutters. They have the louvers that work like slats on venetian blinds.

The shutters are perfect for homeowners. They are long-term window coverings that will add value to your home while offering you all the privacy you need. There are other benefits too, including temperature and light control.

It’s time to determine exactly what you want to gain from your window treatments in Oak Harbor. If privacy is important, you have a few options, but what sacrifices are you also willing to make?

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