Vertical Blinds vs. Drapes in Marysville: Which Option Is Best for Your Sliding Doors?

You need to get a set of window treatments for your sliding doors. Large or small, you want something that works in the same direction and will be easy to install. There are high chances that you’re looking at either vertical blinds or drapes in Marysville. So, which one is the best option for you?

There’s no right or wrong answer. Something you’ll need to consider is what you want to gain from your window coverings. From there, you’ll be able to look at the following pros and cons to find the best option for you.

Vertical Blinds for More Durable Options

If you want something that’s durable and made to withstand the sun damage and years to come, then you’ll want to give vertical blinds a serious consideration. Unlike drapes in Marysville, the vertical blinds are made of a vinyl material (there are others, but vinyl is the most popular) that will withstand the sun’s UV rays coming through the window.

The blinds won’t warp in the heat. They’re not going to succumb to the bleaching and material breakdown that the UV rays cause. Nor will you end up with problems in a humid room because of water retention.

When you put drapes up, you run the risk of deterioration in a short period of time. This will depend on the type of drapes you get. Unlike curtains, drapes are made with a thicker material that tends to absorb some of the rays, weakening that material. You can get a lining for it to protect the material, but you’ll need to spend more for this.

Plus, vertical blinds help to keep more heat in the home – and out of the home in the summer – compared to drapes. You’ll save money in the long term in more ways than one.

More Décor Choices with Drapes in Marysville

One of the biggest benefits of getting drapes is the choice of colors and styles. While you can get a set of vertical blinds in different colors, you’ll find your choices are limited. You’re often limited to block colors, meaning you don’t get the choice of patterns, shapes, and designs.

With a set of drapes, you can make sure you fit in with whatever interior design you have set up. There’s no need to choose white because it’s the most neutral color to work with what you already have. There’s no need to change your whole interior design to match the window coverings you want.

Even if you need to get a set of drapes in Marysville custom made, you’ll spend far less money than you will with vertical blinds. The sliding blinds are among the most expensive options on the market and they’re designed to be permanent. If you want something short term that works for your décor needs, then drapes are definitely the way to go.

You’ll need to think about your wants and needs when it comes to window coverings. Do you want the long-term benefits or are you looking for window treatments that are easy to work with your décor? Answering these questions will you choose you vertical blinds or drapes in Marysville.

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