How to Use Drapes in Anacortes to Make Your Guest Bedroom More Welcoming

You have a guest bedroom in your home, but you find your guests don’t always get the bed night’s sleep. It’s not the bed. Instead, there’s something about the room. Your blinds or drapes in Anacortes could be the problem.

It’s important to create a welcoming environment with your window treatments. At the same time, you want to block out the light and maybe the noise from the room. Here are our top tips to use drapes to make your guest bedroom more welcoming.

Consider Blackout Drapes

You want to make the room comfortable. This often means cutting out the light during the night, and sometimes you’ll need to cut out the noise. So, you need to look at getting a set of blackout drapes in Anacortes for the room.

Blackout drapes will cut out all the light shining through. If you live near a road or you have a streetlamp outside, your guests will find it much easier to sleep. While not perfect, the blackout drapes are often thick enough to block out some of the noise.

Think About the Color

We’re looking at setting the mood in the room right now. White or cream drapes in Anacortes are popular, but are they really what you want to add to your guest room? If you have some sheer drapes, certainly, but what about the blackout drapes?

Consider another color. A warm and inviting color can help to set the mood in the room. Make your guests happy with yellow or sunlit orange drapes. You can also opt for warm browns and reds, especially in the winter months. You create a mental allusion of happiness and warmth, which makes it easier to sleep in the room.

Avoid too many colors, especially colors that clash. This becomes overwhelming for your guest.

Opt for Dual-Layered Drapes in Anacortes

Dual-layered drapes can be excellent additions for more light and heating control. You can have a sheer drape and a blackout drape over the top. Your guests then get to choose which one they want to use.

If they’re resting in the day to get over jetlag, they may want to cut out some of the glare but not all natural light. Sheer drapes will help them do that. On a night, they’ll then want to block out all the light and noise from outside, so the blackout drapes are perfect. Giving them the choice will make them feel more comfortable and rested.

Choose Blinds or Shades as a Primary Layer

Instead of a sheer drape, you could opt for shades or blinds as that primary layer. They’ll get to do most of the light and heat management with the window treatment that offers more choice. On a night, they can use the drapes in Anacortes to block out all light and noise.

You may also opt for decorative drapes. The color helps to manage the mood but it’s the primary layer that becomes effective for light and privacy.

It’s time to spruce up your guest bedroom. You’ll be surprised by how the perfect drapes in Anacortes help.

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