How to Make Wooden Blinds in Oak Harbor Last the Lifetime

Wooden blinds in Oak Harbor tend to have a lifetime of around 20 to 30 years. However, they’re not going to last that long if you don’t do a little maintenance. While you don’t have to do a lot, there are steps that you should take on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Not sure you have the time to look after your blinds? Here’s how to make sure your blinds will last their lifetime.

Dust Your Blinds Daily

Dust and dirt will collect on the wooden blinds in Oak Harbor throughout the day. At the end of each day, you can limit the damage that the dust does by cleaning them with a dry rag. You just need a rag that you’d use on your computer screen or TV, removing the collection that’s occurred.

If you don’t have time to do this daily, then you’ll at least want to do it once a week. You can use the upholstery brush or the nozzle on your vacuum if you want. This can be easier and quicker, but it’s not as effective as the duster.

Clean on a Monthly Basis

While a weekly basis is better, cleaning your wooden blinds in Oak Harbor with warm, soapy water on a monthly basis is a good idea. You’ll not just collect the dust, but you’ll make sure any dirt that as lodged itself into the material is removed.

This can be a way to make your blinds look like new. You don’t need any harsh materials. Just soapy water is enough to avoid damaging the wood.

Make Sure Your Wooden Blinds in Oak Harbor Are Fully Dry

Always make sure that your blinds are completely dried after you’ve washed them. The worst thing you can do is let the water collect and soak into the wood material. This will cause rot from the inside and will lead to your blinds not lasting their lifetime.

You’ll want to dry with a rag. If you find the water soaks in too much, you may need a dehumidifier running in your home. You may also find some heat treatments can help, but avoid too many as they will cause the wooden material to warp.

Re-varnish on a Yearly Basis

Every year, you’ll want to assess the wooden blinds in Oak Harbor to see if they need re-varnishing. This isn’t always going to be necessary. You may get away with doing this every five years instead. It’s going to do depend on the type of wood you have and the care you show your blinds on a weekly and monthly basis.

When you re-varnish, you’ll need to sand down and apply the varnish. You may find getting a professional in to do this is better, especially depending on the type of wood that you have.

While wooden blinds in Oak Harbor are designed to last for a few decades, they still need some tender love and care. You’ll need to performance daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance to ensure your blinds last their lifetime.

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