How to Customize Your Bought Roman Blinds in Marysville

Roman shades and blinds are among some of the most beautiful options. You can get a range of colors and styles to suit your needs. But what if you can’t find the roman blinds in Marysville that you love the most? You can customize a set of premade roman blinds without spending a fortune.

While you can get customized blinds directly from companies, they won’t always offer the styles and patterns you want. Making your own with a neutral set of roman shades in the first place will give you the chance to create something you personally want for your specific décor. Here are the top tips for customizing your own roman blinds.

Open Your Blinds Fully on the Table

Start by laying out the roman blinds in Marysville on your table. You’ll need something that allows you to fully open from top to bottom. Even if you know you won’t see the top of the blind, opening up will help to avoid issues with the stacks or the cascading sections not sitting properly when customizing.

Remove the decorative strip at the top of your blind. This is something you’ll change at the end of this.

Once your blinds are laid flat, you’ll be able to measure properly for the material you want to add to the fabric. You can cover the full blind if you want or just add patches, spots, patterns of fabric on your blinds. This is completely up to you because it’s your style.

Secure the Edges of Your Roman Blinds in Marysville

You’ll need to make sure your roman shades are completely secure. The last thing you want is any of the material wrinkling underneath. Use something that will prevent the material from shifting while you’re adding the new additions.

Likewise, you’ll want to make sure your added material doesn’t wrinkle and crease. Iron your material before you add it to help it remain flat and stable.

Use a Hot Glue Gun for Adding Elements

Whether you’re going to add some sequins along the bottom of the folds or you’re adding a whole new color to the roman blinds in Marysville, you’ll need a hot glue gun. This is the best for any fabric work, as the glue will cool to a solid state and keep the material more stable.

Watch out for any glue that escapes from the sides of the fabric. Make sure you clean this up immediately or you’ll be left with the appearance of clear glue that takes away from the look of your latest masterpiece.

Once you’ve done the main part of the blind, you can do the same with the decorative piece at the top. Velcro is a great way to change this to suit the season if you want!

Fold and Press

Finally, fold up your roman shades as they would sit when closed. You want to work with the natural folding points. Press together to help the glue dry in the right positions.

You can make your roman blinds in Marysville work with your exact décor. These tips work with all types of roman shades, whether they stack or fold.

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