Do Your Drapes in Camano Island Need Valances?

A long time ago, if you saw drapes in Camano Island, you would have also seen valances. Valances are the material that sits at the top, usually covering the rod. Now, they seem like an unnecessary extra cost, but they can have their benefits.

Do you really need a set of valances for your drapes? Here’s why you might want them but also why you may want to avoid them.

Cover Up the Unsightly Rods

The one reason valances became popular was because of their ability to cover up the rods. A few centuries ago, the rods threatened to disrupt the look of the window. They threatened to make the window frames look unsightly, so people wanted to add material to avoid that.

This is still one of the main reasons to add a valance around the rods of your drapes in Camano Island. The idea is that the rods don’t look pretty at all.

However, rods have changed over the years. Now you can get some that are designed to be shown off, making valances unnecessary.

Offer Extra Texture Around the Windows

Valances will sit over your drapes in Camano Island. They’re on the outside of the rods to cover them up. They can add a layer of texture around your windows.

If you have large rooms or large windows, you may want to add the extra texture. It can bring the room closer, making the space feel a little less empty. You can also help to dampen the sound a little, preventing that echoing feeling in large spaces.

That doesn’t mean you need to have valances. They don’t always have their place, and in smaller rooms you can create a closed off feeling.

It’s Going to Depend on the Drapes in Camano Island

Not all drapes will suit the valances. It’s going to depend on the material of the drapes and the style that you buy.

If you get light drapes, you may find that the valances are beneficial. They can just add that texture to make the drapes feel thicker than they are. But what if you have a set of thermal drapes? They are much thicker and take up more space on the rods. You end up with too much material around the window, leading to a mess that draws the attention for the wrong reason.

Do You Really Have the Budget?

Finally, you have to consider the budget for your window treatments. Drapes in Camano Island don’t need valances to look pretty. The majority of drapes and rods are now designed to look good without them. Valances just become an extra expense that you may not have the budget for.

There’s no shame in admitting that you don’t have the budget for them. Especially if you’re just not interested in the extra material. Spend the money on a part of the home you want to spend it.

Valances on drapes in Camano Island can look beautiful. They certainly used to have their place. Things have moved on now, and they’re not necessary but can still be beautiful additions to the home.

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