Could Roman Blinds in Camano Island Work for Your South-Facing Windows?

South-facing rooms are tricky to manage with your window coverings. You want something that will prevent the sun glaring through the window but you don’t want to get rid of all the light. This could be where roman blinds in Camano Island are just perfect, but you’ll want to get the right type of roman blinds.

Cascading vs. Stacking Roman Blinds

There are two main types of roman shades and blinds. You can get the type that cascade from the top, creating a sense of flow and style in the room. The other option is to get a stacking set of roman blinds in Camano Island. Stacking options are just as they sound; the blind material stacks at the top, similarly to wooden blinds.

Cascading blinds are by far the best option for your south-facing windows. The material hangs a little lower than with stacking shades, which can help to block the glare without blocking the light during the day. When the sun is high in the sky, you can keep your blinds completely open but use the overhanging material to stop the glare affecting you.

This can also be beneficial in the winter. The sun tends to sit a little lower, which often means pulling down the blinds or shades. Since the cascading top hangs lower than most other opened blinds and shades, you get away with not needing to move them but still gain benefits.

Roman Blinds in Camano Island Offer Some Protection Against Damage

South-facing rooms suffer from UV rays damaging materials. You also tend to get a lot more heat in the room, which can cause damage and also make the room uncomfortable to sit in. This is annoying in the summer, especially if you don’t have a north-facing room to retreat to.

Roman blinds offer full protection from the UV rays. You don’t need to use them all the way to block the rays from shining through. It’s possible for the blinds to take in the rays and the rest of your furniture and your walls don’t succumb to sun spots and accidental bleaching.

It’s the rays that cause the temperature to rise in the home. When you use roman blinds in Camano Island to prevent the rays shining through, you’ll keep the temperature at a more manageable and comfortable level.

They Look Good While Being Effective

Roman blinds are among the most beautiful and affordable options for your home. They come in a variety of styles and colors. You can get blackout roman blinds in Camano Island if you want or you can just opt for room darkening options. There is something for all needs.

There are even some cordless features, which offer safety benefits and style. Cordless blinds are more streamline, which helps them sit better within windows.

Roman blinds in Camano Island are certainly beneficial for south-facing windows and rooms overall. They offer plenty of protection against the UV rays, making your home far more comfortable without sacrificing on the levels of light.

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