Cellular Shades vs. Roman Shades in Camano Island for Privacy

There are many reasons you’ll look at shades for your window treatments. One of those reasons is for privacy. You want to feel comfortable in your home both during the day and at night. You may be stuck between cellular shades and roman shades in Camano Island for privacy needs. Which one is the best?

 It’s not a case of one-size-fits-all when it comes to shades. Cellular and roman shades tend to be the go-to options though because of all their benefits at a low cost. You need to consider what you want to gain from the shades to find the best for privacy in your home.

 Both Will Completely Block the View

 Whichever type of shades you get, both will completely block out the view from the outside world. This offers immediate protection from the outside world. You don’t need to worry about anyone looking through whether during the day or night.

 This is why so many people look at choosing between cellular and romans shades in Camano Island. How can you choose between two window coverings that seem to offer the exact same benefits?

 It’s all about the other benefits that you gain. This is where the two aren’t one-size-fits-all.

 Cellular Shades Offer More Heating Benefits

 When it comes to heating benefits, you’ll want to turn to cellular shades. Because of the way they’re made, they tend to offer more immediate benefits. It doesn’t matter if you have thermal or light filtering cellular shades, they help to circulate the air and put the heat back into the home during the colder months.

 During the day, they block the UV rays coming into the home. This helps to keep the heat increases in the summer months to a minimum.

 The cellular shades also cover the whole window, especially if you get a set of cordless blinds. This isn’t the case with roman shades as much. Without the gaps between frame and material, you keep more heat in the room.

 Roman Shades in Camano Island Come In More Styles

 When you want something to suit the décor better, you’ll want to look at roman shades. They come in a variety of styles and colors, making sure they work for your exact needs. You can even get cordless options if you want, which offer a number of safety benefits for the home.

 Many people will immediately think of blackout shades when choosing roman shades. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can get a set of woven wood roman shades in Camano Island, offering more light filtering benefits. Or you can look at dual shades, getting a set of solar and roman shades in one, offering far more benefits throughout the day, including privacy benefits with the solar shades.

 Know what you want to achieve from your window treatments. While you want privacy, you need to think of the other benefits you need. This will help you decide whether cellular shades or roman shades in Camano Island are going to be better for your home or not.

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