5 Top Ideas for Your Old Shutters in Stanwood This Christmastime

It’s Christmas, and that means many people are decorating their homes. What can you do? If you have old shutters in Stanwood, don’t throw them out. You can use them for the Christmastime decorations.

 Not sure where to start? Here are five top ideas to use your old shutters at Christmas.

 Paint Something Christmassy on the Shutters 

One of the quickest options is to paint directly onto your old shutters in Stanwood. You can sand them down if they’re made of real wood and then varnish. You’ll want a clean start to paint directly onto the material.

 You want to paint the Christmassy item, whether it’s a snowman to suit the winter or a Santa to invite people into the home.

 Create a Snowman Welcome Sign

 Instead of just painting directly, you can use the slats of your shutters to create your own snowman. Work with the shutters to create a beautiful welcome sign for your door.

 If you want something more Christmassy instead of winter, you can create a Santa with the use of the shutter slats. It all depends on how creative you are.

 Decorate Shutters in Stanwood with Wreaths and Garlands

 You can always use the shutters in a simple way. Don’t paint on them, except to add a color that suits your décor. Place the board directly behind a Christmas garland. You can then add stars and sparkles to the top and create a beautiful, vintage welcome sign.

 Another option is to have the garland or wreaths run up the shutters. You can add a few stars for sparkling, eye-catching designs. Remember in this case that less is more. Avoid adding too many snowflakes or sparkles to avoid overwhelming anyone. 

Make a Card Holder

 An easy way to work your old shutters in Stanwood into your Christmas decorations is to use it as a card holder. You just need to give your shutters a lick of paint (and sand down and varnish first if you have real wood shutters) and then hang on your walls. You can then slot your Christmas cards in so they don’t take up space on your shelves.

 One of the great things about this is that you can use the old shutters throughout the year. It’s possible to repaint easily (or just opt for a year-round neutral color) and add in different seasonal elements. Or use as a place to show off your pictures if you want.

 Use to Hang Your Decorations Easily

 Another easy option is to use your shutters in Stanwood as a place to hang decorations easily. Start the same as with the card holder, but hang the decorations instead of the cards. You can use to hang large wreaths that have no other place to go, or you can hang smaller decorations.

 This is great if you want to avoid the tree. You can turn your old shutters into a tree.

 What are you starting with when using old shutters in Stanwood in your Christmas decorations? There’s something for all time constraints and artistic abilities.

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