5 Great Window Treatments in Camano Island for Christmastime

The holiday season is upon us. That means plenty of people near you will be putting up their Christmas decorations. You’ll want to look at various window treatments in Camano Island to dress up your décor.

 There are various ways you can dress up your windows. The exact way you want to do so will depend on how much money you want to spend. Here are five great window treatment ideas to get you started this Christmastime.

 Add a Wreath in Your Window

 The wreath traditionally goes on your door, but you just can’t trust anyone right now, right? Or your landlord may not want you hanging anything on the outside of your door. So, you want to add your wreath to your home in a way your neighbors will appreciate. This is where your windows comes in handy.

 Hang your wreath in one of your windows. They may simplistic window treatments in Camano Island, and you can choose whether you opt for a living room window, the kitchen, or one of the bedrooms.

 You can even opt for a citrus wreath instead of a traditional wreath. This will look festive but cute for the kitchen.

 Use Garland Window Treatments in Camano Island

 Another great option is to hang a garland around your window. This can work easily with any other window covering that you have, since you can hang the garland above the window frame or over the drape rods with ease.

 This window covering doesn’t have to cost too much. You’ll find plenty of fake garlands in the store or you can make your own. Get one that’s long enough for the entire window rather than have individual stretches of the material looping in places.

 Add Snowflakes to Your Window

 Look at getting some window paint or window stickers. They’re all easy to remove, designed to be temporary for the season. These make absolutely beautiful window treatments in Camano Island for the entire family.

 One of the great things about window stickers and paint is that the children can help you decorate. They’ll love getting involved in the process with you. 

Make a Small Card Display

 Another cute option is to add a bit of string across your window and hang your cards along it. This is often a trick used over the mantlepiece, but you can use it over the windows to dress them in a cute way and create more space for other cards.

 Don’t get many Christmas cards? Why not hang cards or Christmas items that you and the kids make together? They look just as awesome.

 Opt for Lighted Ornaments 

Finally, it’s time to turn the attention to lighted ornaments. These are great if you don’t have a tree hanging near the window, but you want to get into the beauty of the lightshow on your block.

 There are all sorts of lighted decorations out there. Just hang a couple per window at the most to avoid overwhelming the space.

 With the above five tips, you’ll have the perfect window treatments in Camano Island for your windows. Now you just need to decide which ones you’re most comfortable with hanging.

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