4 Top Trends for Roman Shades in Marysville

Roman shades in Marysville are among the most beneficial types of shades for the home. They offer financial, decorative, and useful benefits for any room. Before you just get any type of these shades, you’ll want to know more about the current trends to help you get the right type of shades for you.

 Trends change all the time. While you’re looking at the trends, you’ll also want to think about your room and your long-term preferences to find something that suits your home and needs.

 Dual-Purpose Window Treatments 

Layering has been a popular trend for a while, but that’s dying out with the introduction of dual-purpose window treatments. You can get roman shades in Marysville that offer a solar shade element but also have a room darkening or blackout element to them.

 You can pull one side of the shades down during the day to filter the glare. You still allow the light into the home, so you gain maximum comfort without the gloom. During the night, you have the thicker layer that blocks out light, some noise, and offers more privacy.

 By getting the dual-purpose shades, you can save money and space. There’s no need to try to match two types of blinds or a set of drapes with your roman shades.

 Woven Wood Roman Shades in Marysville

 While fabric roman shades are extremely common, the growing trend is finding natural materials. Woven wood shades and blinds are becoming the preferred choice and are more affordable than ever before.

 Woven wood could be one of the best choices you make for your blinds. Not only is the material good for the environment, but it also offers benefits such as privacy, light filtering, and temperature control in the home. While you don’t get a blackout effect, the room darkening elements on a night are excellent for many.

 Dark, Neutral Tones

 It’s worth thinking about adding dark, neutral tones to your home with roman shades in Marysville. The window coverings look beautiful, while offering something to draw attention to in the room. With neutral tones, you can work with any décor in your home. 

You’ll want to avoid too much darkness in the room. If you’re working with the dark neutrals, which work in the summer and the winter, then you’ll need to have lighter walls and furniture. Use the darker tones as an accent throughout various parts of the home.

 Lighter and Sheer Materials

 On the other hand, a trend has been to add sheer materials to your home. You can do that with some roman shades in Marysville, although they’re not as common yet.

 Sheer materials offer light filtering benefits. They’re better than solar shades as they offer more privacy on a night, but they don’t offer as many heating benefits as thicker materials. However, they’re perfect for rooms where you want to get a light and breezy feeling within.

 Which of the four top trends are for you? Look at your home and what you want to gain from roman shades in Marysville to make your choice.

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