4 Tips to Combine Blinds with Your Curtains in Anacortes

Are you struggling to choose between blinds and curtains in Anacortes for your home? This is a common dilemma for those making a house a home. However, you don’t necessarily need to choose between them.

In many cases, doubling up your window treatments offers a range of benefits. This could be just what you need. Before you do opt to combine, here are the top four tips to help you get the balance just right.

Know Why You Want to Combine

Start with why you’re combining the two different types of window coverings. Combining your blinds with your curtains in Anacortes can offer a range of benefits. You gain heating and cooling benefits, better privacy benefits, and add texture to your home.

Make sure you know why you’re combining the different treatments. Are you doing it just because you can’t choose between two window treatments or is it because you want a certain functional benefit? The former, it’s all going to be about style to match. If the latter, you want particular types of blinds to work with your curtains.

Make Sure the Styles Match

Getting matching styles for your dual window treatments is essential. You want to make your combination look like you’ve thought things through and not just thrown everything together.

The easiest option is to make one of your window coverings neutral in color. You then add a splash of color to the secondary treatment, usually matching something else in the room. If you’re going to choose bold colors for both treatments, you’ll need to make sure they blend together. Opting for clashing colors is just going to lead to a feeling of overwhelm in a room.

You’ll also want to make sure the styles of cuts match. The last thing you need is a modern-styled blind with curtins in Anacortes that look like they belong in the 18th century.

Check the Installation for Your Blinds and Curtains in Anacortes Match

Make sure the way your two options fit in the home work together. You want to avoid the installations getting in each other’s way.

Let’s just start with one fitting in the inside of the window frame and the other mounting on the outside. Your curtains are usually going to mount on the outside to stay out of the way.

But you also need to think of motorizing your options. You may want to limit the motorization to just one window covering, especially if you’re going to motorized by voice control to avoid accidentally closing the wrong blinds.

Know Your Options for Changing Features in the Future

Think into the future. There will be time when you will want to make other changes to your décor. You may even want to change your window coverings, but only one at a time.

When you have dual coverings, you’ll need to think about changes in the future. Is it possible to change one without clashing with the other? Will you need to change both?

Combining your blinds with curtains in Anacortes is certainly beneficial. Before you start combining, you need to consider the above factors to get the right mixture.

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