Why Drapery in Louisville Is Needed for Large, Multi-Paned Windows

There are so many types of window treatments available. When you have large, multi-paned windows, you’re likely looking for something that works for all panes. Do you get something individually for each of the panes? Stop right there! You want drapery in Louisville.

You want just one type of window treatment. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll find your window coverings are far more practical. Here’s why you need drapes and nothing else.

The Drapes Will Cover the Entire Window

Let’s just start with the fact that a set of drapery in Louisville for the large windows will cover the entire window. You can get material that sits at the very top of the window and hangs to the very bottom. There’s no need to think about getting individual items for each pane. This is especially the case if you have fancy windows where you have panes in odd placements or more panes at the top than the bottom.

Drapes will keep the costs down. You’ll get fabric, which is the most affordable option, and just the two panels for the whole window. Then you just have the rod that sits at the top. There’s no need for multiple, custom-made blinds or shades for the individual panes.

Covering the entire window can help to ease the anxiety. Walking into a room with multiple window coverings can distract from the beauty of the rest of the room.

You’ll Easily Pull Drapery in Louisville On and Off

There is a huge benefit of the practical use of the drapes. When you get multiple window treatments, you’ll need to open and close each one. This doesn’t just take time but can be tricky. If you have a set of panes high up, you need something to help close those blinds or you’ll need to invest in motorized options.

When you have a set of drapes, you’ll just tug on and off. While you ideally want to reach halfway up to avoid damaging the material, you don’t need to worry too much about this. You can just reach as high up as you can to pull the drapes on and off.

Those who do have bad mobility or are short don’t need to think about how they’re going to open and close their blinds. Drapes are extremely easy.

You Create a Clear Break Between Window and Wall

A set of blinds for each individual pane can allow more use when you just want to block the glare from particular panes, but you don’t really create a break between window and wall. It all runs into each other, especially if you have a window that takes up the whole wall space.

Drapery in Louisville offers the benefit of texturing the room. Even if you choose a similar color to your wall paint, you’ll have material that stands out. It adds to the beauty of the room.

What are you doing for your large windows? It’s time to consider drapery in Louisville. You won’t regret this affordable, practical decision.