Which Way Should Your Roller Shades in Jeffersontown Roll?

You know you want a set of roller shades in Jeffersontown for each of your windows. You even know the color that you want and the style of fabric. There’s one thing you’ve not thought of just yet. Which way are your roller shades going to roll?

Can’t they only roll one way; down? Well, yet, but do you roll inward or outward. Will the side that rolls down sit close to your window or close to your room?

This can depend on the way your shades hang in the window frames. It will depend on the type of window you have. Here are the considerations to make.

Do You Want Use of Your Windowsill?

Something that’s easy to overlook is the windowsill. If you have inside-mounted roller shades in Jeffersontown, you may overlook how rolling close to the windows could take over some of your windowsill. You may not be able to have flowers or photos on the windowsill, because you have to hold the material of your shade out of the way to prevent it catching anything.

When you roll closer to the room, you avoid the problem. The material sits on the edge of your windowsill. You get to reclaim this space.

The downside is that the windowsill is then covered when your shades are down. However, your flowers will be on show to the neighbors and allow them to get the sun in the morning before you open the shades.

Do You Care About Your Roller Shades in Jeffersontown Catching the Window?

When you roll your shades down close to the window, the material can catch. It can sit too close to the window, leading to some moisture collecting in the material of the shades. This can lead to your roller shades not lasting as long as they should.

By rolling outward, you keep the material away from the window. There’s no need to worry about damage. Think about the way your drapes will sit if you had them; your shades sit like this instead.

If you have outside-mounted roller shades, this isn’t going to be as big of a problem. The material will already sit away from the window, so you don’t have to worry about damage.

Do Your Windows Open Inward?

Consider the way your windows open. If you have windows that open inside, you need to opt for roller shades in Jeffersontown that roll outward. This keeps the material away from the part of the window that opens into the room, so you can make use of your blinds while the window is open.

If your windows open outward, you don’t have this problem as much. Your material isn’t going to catch or slide along the glass.

The direction your shades roll is likely the last thing on your mind. Some people don’t even think about it until they lose space on their windowsills or the material catches in the windows. Know how much space you want to reclaim around your windows so you get roller shades in Jeffersontown that roll the right way.