What Color Should Your Plantation Shutters in Louisville Be?

You’re looking at getting a set of plantation shutters in Louisville, but there are still a few questions. One of the biggest is the color of your window treatments. Considering these are permanent, you want to make sure you get the right color.

What color should your plantation shutters be? Assuming you’ve got internal shutters, here are the top color choices depending on your needs.

Stick to White or Cream Shutters

Start with white or cream. You want plantation shutters in Louisville to have a neutral coloring so they become the base for your home’s décor. The shutters need to work with whatever type of décor you choose for the space, whether you’re looking for minimalist or you want bold colors elsewhere in the room.

White and cream will also help with the reflection of light. Your space will look larger than it really is with more natural light shining through the windows (without the glare, of course). You end up with a happier space that works for all.

When it comes to selling, neutral colors are appreciated. They don’t have to worry about how they’ll make your shutters fit their color preferences.

Opt for Natural Wood Colors

If you don’t want plan and want your plantation shutters in Louisville to look natural, then you’re going to want natural wood colors. This is also something to consider when you get real wood shutters. You don’t want to paint over the material.

You can choose all types of wood colors. Pine coloring is great for lighter colors. However, oak can offer a more expensive look. The choice is going to be up to you, but you want to look at the type of furniture you have in the home and any wooden features you have around the room.

Choose Pastel Colors for Plantation Shutters in Louisville

If you want to add color to your plantation shutters, you’ll need to look at pastel colors. They’re light, so won’t necessarily get in the way of other décor needs. They also tend to keep the brightness in the home.

Yellow is one of the more popular choices. It’s considered a neutral color and used routinely in a baby’s nursery. You can also opt for a powdered blue, a light green, or even a light pink. Just keep in mind that the colors aren’t strictly neutral and you need to consider how they’re going to work in your room’s décor.

Sometimes, opting for white or cream and adding the color through drapes or wall colors is better. This is something to think about for the long term.

Opt for Black or Grey Colors

If you need to make your plantation shutters in Louisville stand out but still want neutral colors, black and grey are popular options. They can make small rooms look smaller, so this is something to consider carefully.

Black and grey can work well for large rooms that get a lot of glare and natural sun. You can manage the light a little better. However, the colors aren’t as appeasing as white and cream.

What color of plantation shutters in Louisville will work best for your home? Don’t just think of the décor now but changes you may make in the future.