Room Darkening vs. Blackout Shades in Louisville: Choosing the Right Type of Shades for Your Needs

There are so many different types of window coverings for the home. You’ve likely come across room darkening shades as well as blackout shades in Louisville. Trying to choose between them is difficult.

After all, don’t the two types of shades offer the same benefits? In some ways, they do. They’re both made of fabric and allow more choice when it comes to colors and styles. However, they offer some major differences that will affect the lighting benefits in the home. They can also affect heating and soundproofing benefits.

It's time to consider the pros and cons of both so you can find the right type of shades for your needs.

Looking for Something to Sleep During the Day

If you have young children, you’ll need them to nap during the day. Or you may be looking for something that helps them sleep easily during the summer months. What about if you’re a shift or night worker? There are lots of reasons someone will need to sleep during the day.

When this is the case, you need to create a look of nighttime in your home. Blackout shades in Louisville are considered the best for this. They completely block out all the light coming into your home, so you can sleep better.

Avoiding the Use of Internal Lights

Of course, the downside of blocking out the light is the need to use the internal lights. You may be happy with a little light shining through. Sometimes, you just need to get rid of the glare and most of the light. In this case, room darkening shades could be beneficial for you.

Room darkening will create a sense of the dark. What it won’t do is plunge your room into blackness so you can’t see where you’re going! You don’t need to spend money on the lighting bills.

Blackout Shades in Louisville for Soundproofing

Would you like something that helps to dampen some of the noise from the outside? Blackout shades aren’t perfect, but they tend to be better than room darkening options. This tends to come from the thickness of the material.

You’ll not get rid of all the noise outside. You’ll be able to muffle some of it. It can be a good way to manage the sound of cars passing or noisy fireworks outside. You’ll find it easier to sleep during both the day and night.

Looking for Something for Good Heating Benefits

What about when it comes to managing the heat in the room? Most people will tell you that blackout shades in Louisville are best for this. However, that’s not necessarily the case.

There are some room darkening options that can be perfect. Think about getting a set of cellular shades for the room. The cells help to circulate the heat back in the room during the winter and manage the UV rays coming into the room during the summer. They only darken the room unless you get thermal cell shades.

What do you want to gain from your window treatments? This is something to consider when choosing between room darkening and blackout shades in Louisville.