Is It Worth Having Exterior Shutters in Louisville with Interior Ones?

You’ve got a set of interior shutters, or maybe you have a beautiful set of blinds or shades. Do you really need to consider exterior shutters in Louisville as well? Will these window treatments offer any other benefits?

Window coverings are usually thought of as a way to manage light. However, they offer a range of other benefits, with exterior shutters offering something that no other window treatment can. Here’s why you’ll want to consider them even with an interior set of coverings.

You’ve Got Protection Against the Bad Weather

Practical exterior shutters in Louisville are excellent for the stormy weather. Whether it’s a snowstorm in the winter or a tornado in the summer, you want to make sure the windows are protected. The stormy weather can lead to broken glass, causing major problems for your home during and after. The last thing you want is to manage flooding problems after the storm.

A set of shutters act as a barrier. They become something physical for the storm to better, protecting the glass in your windows. This is especially the case if you have real wood shutters or a hard faux wood. You get something that’s difficult for the debris to break, offering more protection and security.

Exterior Shutters in Louisville Keep Window Temperatures Consistent

On top of that, your exterior shutters in Louisville will manage the temperatures around the windows better. Your interior shutters will prevent the heat from escaping in the winter. They can manage the temperatures coming into the home during the summer. Exterior shutters will go one step further.

The shutters create a barrier from the weather outside. They make it harder for the cooler air to collect around the window in the winter. This creates a heat between the window and shutter that helps to encourage heat in the home to remain there.

During the summer, you block the UV rays from getting to the glass. You have a barrier that prevents the heat from working its way through into the home. You don’t need to use the air con as much.

They Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

We can’t forget the beauty benefits of exterior shutters in Louisville. Even if you have interior shutters, you’ll want to consider getting a set of exterior ones. You may even just want to consider the decorative options. They’ll remove the benefits above, but they are cheaper and allow you to make the most of the curb appeal benefits.

Shutters help to remove the problem of Skittles windows. They add color to the outside of your home, helping to draw attention in a good way. You’ll get the same style and color of shutter for each of the windows, whether just the front of the house or all windows on the house.

Good curb appeal will increase the value of your home. A person feels more at ease walking into your home, which can mean they’re less likely to look for defects.

Do you need exterior shutters in Louisville? Even if you have interior options, you’ll want to consider them.