How to Store Your Roman Shades in Fern Creek Between the Seasons

One of the benefits of roman shades in Fern Creek is the ability to switch them out to match the seasons. You can get different colors to bring the outdoors into your home. But, you need to make sure you store your shades properly to avoid damage and dust collection. 

Here are the top tips for storing your roman shades between the seasons. You’ll be able to pull out and hang right away when you need them.

 Clean Before Putting Away

 When you take the roman shades in Fern Creek down, make sure you give them a thorough clean. This is more than just getting rid of any blotches you may have collected. You want to make sure all the dust the shades collected over the months is removed. The dust will affect the integrity of the materials when they’re stored.

 Once cleaned, you’ll need to make sure the material is fully dry before storing. You’re going to store in watertight containers, which will mean mold growth if the material isn’t dry all the way through.

 Fold Along the Creases

 When you’re putting away, you need to fold along the natural creases. The positioning will depend on the type of roman shades you have. Do yours cascade? Do they stack? Or do you have one of the fancier options that bunch up at the side?

 By folding with the natural creases, you’ll find the shades hang properly when you pull them out for the next season. This helps to avoid retraining the hanging again.

 Store Roman Shades in Fern Creek in Sealed Bags

 Next up is the storage of your shades. Once clean and dry, you’ll need to place the material in sealed bags. Vacuum bags are usually great. You don’t need to get all the air out, but getting as much as possible will help for storage. Just remember that vacuum sealing will often crunch up the material. 

The sealed bags helps to prevent moisture getting into the material. You’ll not have to deal with mold issues, whether just from long-term storage or because of water damage ein the home. The seals will also prevent dust collection, protecting the integrity of the material.

 You’ll also find the seal bags helps with moving the items around. If you end up moving home while storing, it’s easy to just pick up and move to another place. You don’t have to make sure you have all the extra pieces for hanging together.

 Store Out of Direct Sunlight

 Finally, when you do store your roman shades in Fern Creek, make sure you store out of direct sunlight. The UV rays will damage the material and the color, even when stored in sealed bags. You’ll want to place in a chest or a box somewhere.

 It will be important to check on your roman shades routinely. Vermin can get through the bags. If you ever have a pest problem, consider looking over your shades to make sure they’ve not damaged your roman shades in Fern Creek.