How to Make Drapes in Jefferson Work Throughout the Year

You don’t necessarily want to constantly change your window treatments throughout the year. It’s important to find something that will hang day in, day out, but always look great and offer a range of benefits. This is where drapes in Jefferson can be perfect.

While they don’t necessarily seem like the yearly window coverings, here’s how you can make them work throughout the year.

Double Up With Sheer Drapes

Instead of changing up your window treatments throughout the year, opt for doubled draped in Jefferson. You can hang a set of sheer drapes and then have thermal or just thicker, room darkening drapes on the outside.

The sheer drapes can remain closed throughout the day, preventing glare and UV rays damaging the home. You’ll also gain privacy. On a night, the thicker drapes will help manage the lowering temperatures, especially in the winter.

Use to Add a Spark of Color to Your Home

With the right window treatments, you can add a spark of color to your home. Drapes in Jefferson are perfect because they’re made from fabric. You will find different colors, patterns, and designs. Find something that works for you throughout the year.

Bright yellows or summery orange colors will be perfect. They keep a sense of warmth in your home throughout the year, so you mentally feel warmer. There’s also the mental health benefits as the colors make you feel happier and more relaxed.

Close Your Drapes in Jefferson on a Night

At night, you want to make sure your drapes are completely closed. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter. Closing the drapes entirely when the sun isn’t out will offer a range of benefits and make sure your drapes are working properly throughout the year.

In the winter, closing on a night helps to prevent the heat loss through the windows. After all, this is when the temperatures outside will plummet and you have no UV rays shining through to warm up the home a little. During the summer, closing your drapes will offer more privacy while helping to manage the temperatures that likely rose during the day to make your space more comfortable.

Make Sure You Have a Lining

Always ensure that your drapes in Jefferson have a lining to them. This is essential to make your drapes work throughout the year. Without the lining, you’ll be replacing your window treatments far more often than you’d like.

The lining will protect your material from the UV rays. Whether summer or winter, harmful UV rays will cause the material to break down and you’re left with small holes and fragments of the material all over your floor. Your drapes look old and worn, meaning you need to get a new set. Instead, the lining will take the brunt of the rays, and this is designed to prevent breaking down in a short space of time.

Get the right types of drapes in Jefferson and you’ll get the perfect window treatments for your home. Used in the right way, you’ll gain all the benefits of many other window treatments in an affordable, easy to use fashion.