Comparing the Costs of Faux Wood and Real Wooden Shutters in Louisville

When it comes to finding the right window treatments for your home, you may know that shutters are a must. For many, they are non-negotiable for all their benefits throughout the year. But then you come down to choosing between faux wood and real wooden shutters in Louisville.

At first glance, it can look like faux wood is going to be the cheapest option. Upfront, faux wood is the cheaper of the two. But what about in the long term? Here’s a real look at comparing the costs between the two.

Faux Wood Won’t Warp in the Heat

One of the big benefits of faux wood is that it won’t succumb to heat or UV damage. The material is designed not to warp in the heat. It won’t suffer from a breakdown due to UV rot. You will get a longer use out of faux wooden shutters in Louisville.

Real wood looks good, but over time it can succumb to heat damage. It starts to warp, especially if you have south-facing windows. You can get faux wood that looks just like the real wooden counterparts, so there’s no need to spend more money on real wood just to replace them sooner.

Of course, with the right care, real wood won’t warp as quickly as it could. It may never warp. However, faux wood is less likely to warp.

Real Wood Could Be Damaged in Humid Rooms

If you’re putting shutters in rooms with humidity, then you’re going to want to rethink using real wooden shutters in Louisville. The material doesn’t hold up too well in rooms with a lot of moisture, while faux wood will be much better.

The material soaks in the moisture. This leads to internal damage, so the shutters don’t last as long as they should. They can also lead to health problems.

Unless broken, faux wood shutters don’t suffer from moisture soaking in. You wipe down and you’re done!

You Can Get Well Protected Wooden Shutters in Louisville

There are steps to make real wood shutters last. You can get good treatments to protect the materials. However, they will cost more in the long-term. This is something you need to consider whether they’re worth the extra money.

You don’t need as many treatments for faux wood. They usually come with a vinyl covering over a wood composite, protecting from damage. The only way you’ll need to repair faux wood shutters is if they’ve become damaged.

The Cost to the Environment

Finally, you will have to think about the cost to the environment. One of the big benefits of real wooden shutters in Louisville is that they’re environmentally friendly both when in use and when you discard them. The material will break down into the ground and support the land.

Faux wood shutters won’t break down. They can be an environmental hazard. However, you can repurpose your shutters instead.

Will you get real wooden shutters in Louisville or keep to the faux wood options? Upfront, faux wood is going to cost you the least. However, you do need to consider long-term costs.