Can Honeycomb Shades Make Good Blackout Blinds in New Albany?

Blackout blinds in New Albany are excellent additions to the home. They don’t just work for a baby’s bedroom but are excellent for all types of needs. But what if you want the benefits of honeycomb shades at the same time?

You will want to find out if honeycomb shades will work as blackout blinds. This is going to depend on the specific types of honeycomb shades you have. Here are the top considerations to make.

Thermal Honeycomb Shades Are Excellent Blackout Treatments

There are many types of honeycomb shades around. If you want blackout blinds in New Albany, you’re going to want to check out thermal honeycomb shades. These have an aluminum layer in the middle of the cells, which helps to block the heat from escaping through the window. The idea is that they keep the home warmer in the winter.

This is great, except that there is a downside. While they block the heat, they create a complete blackout. This may be what you want for some rooms. But what if you want a type of blind that offers a blackout treatment at times but can offer light filtering at other times? You can’t have both.

Darker Colors Can Help

If you get room darkening honeycomb shades, you can use color to help you get the blackout blinds in New Albany that you’re looking for. You’ll want dark colors to prevent the light shining through too much. You already have a room darkening effect, but darker colors can block even more of the light and not just the glare through the windows.

Of course, with darker colors, you’re losing some décor control. You can’t use the light colors to add a feeling of more space. It can also be a little depressing in the darker months of the year.

Thicker Materials Are Available to Create Blackout Blinds in New Albany

Another option is to choose honeycomb shades with thicker material. You’re not quite getting the thermal treatments, but you do get slightly thicker fabric that helps to keep the light from shining through as much.

They’re not the most effective window treatments. If you choose lighter colors, you will still let some light shine through the window. You can also lose some of the benefits of honeycomb shades as it’s harder for the heat to circulate into the honeycombs and back out into your room.

It’s Often Best Doubling Up

Sometimes, the best thing for blackout blinds in New Albany with honeycomb shades is to opt for doubling up your window treatments. You have a set of honeycomb shades for those benefits and then a set of drapes that you can pull over the top of the shades. The drapes will add the blackout benefits. You may even use the drapes alone during the day when you need quick relief from the light.

There are downsides to this. You do have to spend more on two sets of window treatments. There are other blackout blinds in New Albany instead that will help avoid this issue.