Can Exterior Shutters in Louisville Really Help Against the Weather?

You’ll hear that exterior shutters in Louisville are great to protect against the elements. However, you’ve likely seen your neighbor’s exterior shutters and they’re never used in bad weather. In fact, some exterior shutters don’t even look like they’ll cover the whole window. So, are these shutters really any good? 

This is going to depend on the type of shutters you have and the amount you use them. Here’s what you need to know to get exterior shutters that protect against the weather.

 You Need to Use Them 

It seems silly to say, but one of the main complaints of some people is that using the exterior shutters in Louisville is time consuming. Depending on the style of shutter, you may need to be out at the start of the bad weather to cover up your windows and protect them. Do you really want to do that? 

If you want the full protection the window treatments offer then you need to use them when necessary. That can often mean looking at types of window shutters that you can use in the house. What about motorized shutters that are much easier to close? They don’t look as good as plantation shutters, but they’re certainly more practical.

 Look Out for Fashion Exterior Shutters in Louisville

 The next step is to look out for the shutters that don’t quite fit the window sizes. These are usually because the shutters have been bought for aesthetic reasons instead of practical ones.

 Make sure you measure your windows fully. You can then get shutters that are the size for the windows to use to your advantage. Fashion shutters won’t just be too small to cover the glass, but the material won’t be suitable to protect your windows against the elements.

 It Depends on the Material

 Speaking of material, you’re going to have to look at the material you choose for your exterior shutters. You’ll usually find they come in faux wood, real wood, or metal. The metal shutters can certainly be the strongest for protection against the elements, but they don’t look as beautiful as faux or real wood shutters.

 If you want full protection from shutters that look good, you’ll need to get faux wood. They’re also the most beneficial against the elements since they don’t need as many treatments as real wood.

 You Need to Be Willing to Maintain

 While faux wood and metal exterior shutters in Louisville will need maintaining but they are the lowest hassle of all exterior shutters. If you get real wood, then you will need to routinely varnish. The elements will get into the wood and can cause rotting and sun damage, especially if you have cracks within the wood. 

Metal is the best option if you want something you don’t have to maintain too much. However, you will need to get a metal that isn’t prone to rusting to offer continued protection from the elements.

 Exterior shutters in Louisville can be perfect for protection form the elements. They offer the protection from stormy weather, torrential rain, and high winds. However, you need to get the right type!

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