Can Drapes in Louisville Help During the Summer Months?

If you’re looking for cheap window treatments, you’ll likely come across drapes in Louisville. They are certainly among the most affordable options, but they come with a few downsides. Before you get them, you’ll need to make sure they’re right for the hot summer months in Louisville.

 Not all window treatments are good for managing heat and light during the summer. However, they can offer some benefits when doubled up. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of drapes in the summer.

 It Depends on the Drapes

 The main thing to consider is the type of drapes that you’re looking at getting. There are just so many types, whether you want light filtering, room darkening, or blackout drapes in Louisville. The different types will affect the benefits you gain in the summer months.

 Thick, dark materials won’t be great in the summer. These types of window treatments will absorb the heat and you end up losing the durability and integrity of the material. If you have thick drapes that you tend to use to block heat loss in the winter, you’ll want to switch them out in the summer.

 Sheer drapes can be perfect for the summer months. They sound counterintuitive at first, but there are some major benefits to using these treatments when it’s hotter outside. The thin and light material won’t absorb the heat but reflect it. They filter the light, allowing natural light in without the glare, so you’re more comfortable in your home.

 Drapes in Louisville Can Manage Heat Levels 

One of the downsides of the summer months is the heat levels. UV rays come into the home and cause the temperatures to rise. Your window treatments help to avoid that, but you need to use the right types of treatments.

 Sheer drapes offer the ability to filter the light. You block out the harmful, heat-rising UV rays but allow the natural light into the room. You’ll gain the privacy you want, while keeping the room cool.

 While you can block out the rays with thicker materials, you’ll also block out the natural light. You’ll create a darkening effect, while the material is more likely to absorb the light and UV rays, causing long-term damage.

 You Can Double Up Drapes

 Drapes in Louisville are perfect for doubling up your window treatments. This is certainly something you’ll want to consider, even in the summer months. While it can be hot in the daytime, the sun lowering can cause cooling temperatures on a night. You want to keep some of the heat in the room.

 You may also find that sometimes you want to block all the light coming in. This is especially the case when the children are going to bed and it’s still light outside. You want it to feel like it’s still dark outside to create the sense of bedtime. Doubling up creates a great blackout effect and allows you to use fun drapes on a night but have more freedom and control with other window treatments in the day. 

Don’t rule out drapes in Louisville during the summer months right away. They can be among the most beneficial options if you get the right ones.

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